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Make time for play time

The adage ‘’All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’’ is true, especially in today’s world where many children feel pressured to study constantly, score higher, top the class and excel in academics come what may. To them, recreation is just another word for time spent with gadgets, videos, videogames & social media distractions – there simply is no time for kicking the ball around in the park or playing with friends in unstructured playtime.  Being a parent…

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How children can work towards environment conservation

As children, you might think you need to wait until you’re a grown-up before you can make some impact on environment conservation. After all, most environmental conservationists today are grown-ups, aren’t they?   The truth is, however, a little different! You don’t have to wait to grow up before you can roll out your pet environmental conservation project – You can start right away.   And if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on, we’re learning a bit more about the crusades…

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