Building Resilience: Teaching Students to Bounce Back from Challenges

You were a child and a student once, and you know that your child could be going through challenges in school. Some students have a hard time adapting to a new environment or coping with rigorous academic requirements. If your child found the previous academic year challenging, there are steps you can take to build their resilience for the 2024-25 school year.

Resilience allows your child to thrive while facing any challenge in school and at home. The good news is you can teach your child the necessary skills to become more resilient. Building resilience will help your child adapt well to threats, tragedy, adversity, trauma, and other stressful situations so they don’t easily give in to anxiety or self-doubt. 

It’s important to note that resilience doesn’t mean avoiding distress or difficulty. Rather, it means developing the skills to effectively handle sadness, anxiety, and emotional pain during tough times, even in your absence.

Teach your child to be resilient.

The best school in Coimbatore can help your child build resilience with empowerment and encouragement. As a parent, you also have a part to play in helping your child learn the skills to be resilient. Here’s what you can do:

  • Let your child help others – Children feel more empowered when they help others. So, let your child join age-appropriate volunteer work or allow them to help you with tasks at home.
  • Encourage connections – Show them how important it is to connect and engage with their peers. This will teach them the importance of listening while developing empathy. Likewise, encourage your child to connect with you and other family members.
  • Celebrate your child’s progress – Do you reward your child whenever they’re successful? While celebrating wins can be good, it may instil a false belief that success is the only thing that matters. To build resilience and a positive mindset, focus on your child’s progress and efforts to do better, too. That way, your child can feel more appreciated.

Choose a supportive and safe school.

Reeds World School is the best school in Coimbatore where your child can get the support they need to build resilience and feel safe. We’ll encourage your child to try new things and provide new learning opportunities to help them grow and be more confident.

Are you interested in enrolling your child for the 2024-25 academic year? Contact us or keep browsing this website to learn more about our school.