The Power of Peer Mentoring: How Student Mentorship Programs Enhance Learning

Here at Reeds World School, we are proud to be a new CBSE school in Coimbatore with a solid track record of academic excellence. Rather than following traditional teaching methods, we employ modern teaching techniques and internationally recognised and researched learning systems that nurture your child’s natural skills while discovering their hidden potential. Our students have better chances of succeeding academically and beyond.

For us, teaching is not merely about sharing knowledge but a holistic experience that allows young learners to understand concepts deeply and apply theories correctly while discovering new horizons. We promote this in many ways — including peer mentoring.

The power of student mentorship programs

Peer mentoring is about creating connections between students who are at the same age or academic level, where one student has more experience, knowledge, or skills in a specific area. This allows the more experienced students to share what they know and help others improve. At Reeds World School, we encourage student mentorship programs to support students in various ways.

Peer mentors are students who have overcome and experienced things other students might be struggling with. When your child is new to a CBSE school in Coimbatore, they can be paired with a suitable peer mentor who can help them adjust to their new learning environment. These experienced students can also support your child with effective study habits for their new school and teach them time management and overcoming stress before exams to reduce being overwhelmed.

Enhancing the Learning Experience

Peer mentors can be your child’s partner in finding valuable resources, guidance, and perspectives to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for academic and personal success. At Reeds World School, our student mentorship programs:

  • Help learners identify specific needs and goals and ways to achieve them
  • Establish an avenue for problem-solving and self-reflection to overcome challenges in school and life
  • Promotes openness and transparent communication
  • Encourages accountability in students
  • Supports students to make them realise they can always ask for help

Looking for a new school?

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