10 Things To Do During Summer Vacation for kids

The summer holidays are a long vacation period when kids often get bored sitting at home not knowing what to do. Summer holidays are more burdensome to parents who find it tough to manage their kids and think of ways to keep them occupied. 

As a parent not only is it important to enroll your kid into a school that offers a comprehensive education, but also one that provides them with activities to take up during the summer vacation. When looking for the schools in Coimbatore, begin by finding out ones that have summer activity programs in place. This should be one of the most essential criteria while scanning through CBSE schools in Coimbatore. This article which offers insight into ten activities that kids can take up during the summer holidays, not only helps in keeping them from becoming restless and bored but also stimulates their creativity and assists them in learning a thing or two while doing so. 

  • Art Activities

Art classes are perhaps on the most well-known of all summertime activities for kids all across the globe. At Reeds World School which is one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we offer our students a range of arts and crafts activities during the summers. These activities include clay modeling, origami (creative paper crafting), and painting amongst many other things. Taking an art class will help elevate your kid’s creative, observational, focus, tenacity, collaborative, and risk-taking abilities.  

  • Music 

One of the best ways for kids to spend their summers in a useful and productive way is to learn how to play an instrument. Reeds World School is one of the very few schools in Coimbatore that has the provision for students to take up music classes during the summers. Kids can take up any modern instrument that they wish to learn to play, with tutorials from expert musicians who make understanding the ins and outs of playing a particular instrument as well as learning the fundamentals of music theory incredibly easy and fun.

  • Dance 

Taking a dance class offers not only a great occasion for kids to shake a leg and enjoy themselves but also burn off some calories while doing so. For those kids who do not enjoy playing in the sun, taking a dance class and learning some of the latest dance moves to the grooviest songs is the best way for them to get some exercise. 

  • Sports

Another factor that makes Reeds World School one of the top schools in Coimbatore is the fact that it offers it’s students numerous world-class sports facilities to take advantage of. Right from tennis and cricket, to soccer, swimming, volleyball, and basketball, kids can indulge in a variety of sports activities that they are interested in. Taking up a sports activity is one of the best ways for kids these days to exercise and stay fit during the summertime. 

  • Camping 

Camping is perhaps one of the best activities to take up for kids who enjoy nature and being out in the elements. Aside from a chance to get their hands dirty by erecting tents and tying knots, it teaches them a number of essential survival skills such as looking for a shelter, packing, starting a fire, reading maps, using a compass, cooking food with minimal equipment, and lots more. The numerous trekking and camping adventures are experiences that your kid will cherish forever.  

  • Specialty Classes

Specialty classes that aid in your kid’s skill enhancement are also a good option to consider as a productive summertime activity. Taking up such a class helps kids develop a broad range of skills including embroidery, pottery, creative writing, storytelling, oratory, and more. 

  • Foreign Language Classes 

If your kid intends on studying or moving abroad after his/her education, then learning the language of the country that they wish to move to will make it easier for them to do so in the future. Studies have found that kids who grow up to speak five or more languages by the time they are adults tend to have higher IQs and learning abilities. 

  • Swimming

There’s no better way in the summer to escape the heat and remain fit at the same time than swimming. Swimming is considered the only form of physical activity that engages all the muscles in the body. Not only does it offer a great opportunity to relax, but to also gain more stamina and endurance. 

  • Cookery Classes 

Most kids these days have an interest in cooking in some or another. Enrolling your kids into a baking or cookery class during the summers will not give them a perspective into global cuisines and help them learn about how to cook up a delicious meal, but also teach them essential values such as preventing the wastage of food, the effort that goes into preparing a meal for a family, and more. 

  • Lego Construction Sets

This is an activity that all kids can take up from the comfort of their own homes. Building legos are an excellent way of getting your kids to exercise their creative muscle. There are a variety of lego sets for your kid to choose from – ranging from famous monuments, automobiles, and animated characters, to dinosaurs, trains as well as exciting Stars Wars construction sets.

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