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affiliated to CBSE- New Delhi

Reeds World School

Reeds World School, a 21 century school with a difference is in the heart of literary and intellectual Coimbatore adding values to it, thus, making it one of the best locations for education. The school is run by MAKS EDUCATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST, being assisted by unmatchable pioneers in the field of education. Our expertise offers you a high quality learning experience that places the student and the parent, at the centre putting their needs and preferences first.

Reeds, a microcosm of the modern age and trend of education believes that education comes only through consideration of each child-studying his difficulties, his capacities, taking care of him with affection, with intelligence, thereby creating a new culture in this ever changing global village. We also strongly realize the importance of value based world-class education that is becoming highly crucial for success. Reeds, a happy and vibrant top 10 schools in coimbatore, empowers children by exploring their horizons beyond expectations.


CBSE School in Coimbatore - Reedsws

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide every child a safe, fear free and supportive environment.

  • To advocate positive and meaningful educational experiences by its innovative, path breaking endeavours in the field of true education
  • To develop intercultural change, values and respect, instill caring for fellow beings, thirst for knowledge through a strengthening of self esteem and sensitivity to the society as a whole



The school motto embodies the key ingredients for the quest for knowledge towards ultimate excellence. The three pathways will empower our students to cultivate life long learning skills, vital tools of the 21st century which are infused into the school’s learning ethos.

“Reading for thought leadership
Leading for team leadership
Succeed for the societal leadership”

Top 10 Schools in Coimbatore

Nurturing Young Minds

Top 10 Schools in Coimbatore
Reeds World School

Young minds will lead the world to a greater tomorrow if the provided opportunities kindle the exceptional potentials that are long buried inside and help them come bursting to the surface. At Reeds, we take keen interest in equipping every child with all the skills that enable him/her to meet the challenges of the world and rewrite its future. As part of the shared learning process, every child is given every opportunity to put forth their stunning versatile skills at every juncture of their classroom journey. The designed programmes give the knowledge not only to learn but also to discover themselves, which results in the child’s strong inclination to study and prepare to work independently.

REEDS World School, affiliated to CBSE-New Delhi.