Benefits of a Proper Routine for a Child

A proper routine is needed for a child to establish normalcy, comfort, and consistency. Parents should practise routines, such as mealtimes, nap times, bath times, bedtimes, and playtimes. These help the child follow-through, as having a daily routine at an early age is crucial. Here are six benefits of establishing a proper routine for a child:

  1. Gives a feeling of safety and belongingness.

Children feel safe when they can predict what happens next. Parents doing routines with their children can also make them feel looked after. Daily routines can also be a great way to make fun time for parents and children. Simple activities like brushing teeth together and reading a story before bed can become special memories for children as they grow.

  1. 2. Establishes healthy habits.

Following proper routines can help children develop healthy habits like drinking milk, brushing their teeth, taking a bath, taking vitamins, exercising, or washing their hands. These routines are hygienic and make them less likely to get sick. Bedtime routines also help set their body clock and know it is time to sleep.

  1. Develops skills and responsibility.

Allowing your child to do chores helps them develop a sense of responsibility and independence. This trait is especially helpful when they reach adolescence, as this is the time that they learn how to do tasks and manage their time.

Routines also establish expectations. When they are familiar with the things they need to do, they start to complete activities without any issues.

A proper routine for a child should be established, both at home and in school. As your child grows, they spend more and more time at school, and you should ensure that the school also develops a good routine for your child there.

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