Classroom Learning Vs Online Learning

Trying to decide between online learning and traditional classroom learning is often an extremely tricky one. On the one hand, it’s 2020 and most school-going students have access to some form of technology in their homes or on their person with which information can be acquired on-the-go, so there isn’t a reason to commit to a traditional classroom experience. And besides, the thing with traditional classroom attendance is that students of CBSE School in Coimbatore are required to go to the same place every week for several years – something that may not work for every child…

Yet, on the other hand, there’s something magical about enrolling in a school, attending a traditional classroom, buying a brand new backpack and heading onto campus with an armful of books! It feels authentic & real-world, and it can bring out the academic in even the least academically-inclined children.

But how are parents to know if the traditional classroom experience is perfect for their child or whether the online classroom will be a better fit? Well, the answer depends on a lot of factors and at Reeds World School, one of the top 10 schools in Coimbatore, we’ve compiled a few pros & cons of online learning v/s classroom learning that should help you decide…

Pros of Online Learning – CBSE School in Coimbatore

One of the biggest advantages of online learning is that students of the top 10 schools in Coimbatore can study from anywhere. Tropical beach – No problem. From the bed – That’s fine too. In the car on the way to the doctor’s clinic – even that’s OK. 

As long as there’s a stable internet connection or a quiet area, students can learn on the laptop from the comforts of wherever they are. They don’t need to spend time commuting every day or uproot their entire life if they’re joining a new school in a new area. This could save considerable amounts of money and stress in the long run, so it’s an advantage to consider.

Online learning is also more accessible. Entry requirements are often more flexible because online courses can accommodate higher student numbers per course.

Cons of Online Learning

On the flip-side, all this flexibility and independence means students of the top 10 schools in Coimbatore would have to be independent and highly self-motivated individuals to get desired results. 

Studying online also means they’ll have less social interaction with other students and teachers, so there’s a greater possibility that the course begins to create feelings of isolation after a short while.

However, children can counter this by using whatever resources the chosen institution has made available. And besides, Facebook and other social networks can also help in maintaining a connection with other online learners easily.

Another disadvantage to think about, and this is relevant to adult learners opting for online learning, is that not all majors are available online. Courses in business administration, computing, and health science are readily available online, but if you would like to deep-dive into hands-on courses such as music or art, that’ll probably not be a great idea to complete online.

What’s more, change in the online learning space is occurring fast, but not all institutions have made all of their courses available online yet.

Pros of Classroom Learning in Reeds World School (Top 10 schools in Coimbatore)

Traditional classroom learning gives a student’s life some structure and routine. With classes happening at set times and therefore, the requirement to satisfy deadlines and attend classes face to face, it assists them with establishing discipline. This, of course, is a beneficial, transferable skill that employers will naturally value in the future (when children have come of age and have joined the workforce).

With traditional classroom learning, there’s continuous interaction with students and teachers of the top 10 CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

Even if it’s just a few hours per week, children have a set schedule that tells them exactly where and when they need to be each semester – and this routine can help them move forward with their studies and stay psychologically balance

Importantly and as might be already well known, traditional classroom attendance helps to build fond memories as children grow and study with peers of their generation. This kind of communication, collaboration and connection are only possible with a traditional classroom – not an online one.

Truth be told, most traditional classroom learners might have a greater propensity to (when they’ve passed out of school) throw themselves whole-heartedly into college life, whether it means participating in a play or campaigning with other students for good causes that they believe in.

Either way, there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll turn out to be active, confident, and socially positive individuals who display higher-order reasoning skills and improved people-management aptitudes.

Cons of Classroom Learning 

Punctuality and attendance are important to school life. If children are late or absent, it may work against them as their overall scores can be lowered to reflect this. Equally, if they’re required to present something face-to-face and don’t make an honest impression, their marks could also be lower. 

Besides, traditional learning is more immediate — students of top 10 schools in Coimbatore are not offered all the time in the world to organize their responses, as a teacher could toss stuff at them during a seminar and expect them to respond accordingly.

Equally, if kids drop-out or have to postpone their studies half-way through, perhaps because of monetary considerations or there are too many things to manage, there can be a substantial loss of a lot of money as campus-based courses are considerably more expensive than online degrees.


Choosing online learning vs classroom learning is not a simple dilemma. For every example of a successful online learner, you’ll find another one that has found the responsibility of managing their own time and work-loads too stressful.

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