Cultivating Green Thumbs: The Benefits of Gardening Programs in Schools

Are you looking for a new school in Coimbatore for your child? As educators, we understand that you look into many factors when choosing a school, such as its curriculum, tuition cost, and ability to produce successful graduates. But encourage you to go beyond these and find out more about the school’s efforts to promote a greener future, too. These initiatives not only foster environmental awareness but also develop essential life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. By engaging in gardening activities, children learn to appreciate nature and its interconnectedness with their daily lives.

Here at Reeds World School, we offer gardening programs to encourage our students to care for and protect the environment. By engaging in gardening activities, children learn to appreciate nature and its interconnectedness with their daily lives. Additionally, these programs provide opportunities for social interaction, building relationships, and developing emotional intelligence. Ultimately, by nurturing a love for gardening, your child will become a well-rounded individual prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Environmental stewardship

Children raised in big cities and non-rural settings hardly know how seeds sprout or vegetables grow. Many of them have never even seen or eaten fresh produce. Gardening programs in a school in Coimbatore allow them to experience these things and understand how the forces of nature affect plant life.

Connecting students with nature

School gardens in Coimbatore offer an opportunity for children to connect with nature and understand their food sources. These outdoor learning laboratories provide a platform for learning valuable skills and agricultural concepts that integrate with various subjects, including mathematics, health, science, physical education, social studies, and art. Moreover, gardening can foster other educational goals, such as social and personal responsibility.

Hands-on learning

A traditional school in Coimbatore usually uses ‘passive’ learning approaches where students are expected to listen to their teachers and memorise what they learn. But at Reeds World School, we use a different approach. We value hands-on experiences and promote holistic learning. Our school gardening programs allow students to plan, plant, harvest, and care for their plants.

In addition, students can interact with the weather and other living things in the garden, like birds and insects. As a result, our students are more attentive, engaged, and motivated to learn and pay attention. Research proves that students who participate in gardening programs (aside from classroom learning) score better on their science achievement tests.

Here at Reeds World School, we’ll nurture your child to succeed on all fronts, not just academically. Contact us to learn more about our admissions process.