Diversity in Literature: Exploring Multicultural Perspectives in the School Library

Embracing a more inclusive worldview, Reeds World School in Coimbatore strives to value cultural diversity and instil the same in children. We are proud to provide a learning environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and acceptance.

As one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we empower our students to embrace multicultural perspectives both in and outside the classroom. Our school promotes multiculturalism in various aspects — including our library.

Understanding multiculturalism

Also known as cultural diversity, multiculturalism is the harmonious interaction and coexistence of different cultures. ‘Culture’ is a set of distinctive intellectual, emotional, material, and spiritual features of a social group or society. It also encompasses lifestyles, ways of life, beliefs, traditions, and value systems in addition to literature and art, impacting the collective strength of a global society and local communities.

Preserving and cherishing linguistic and cultural diversity is essential for protecting humanity’s common heritage. By promoting respect for diverse cultures — including cooperation, dialogue, and tolerance — we foster understanding and mutual trust at the international level that ultimately creates security and peace. As the best school in Coimbatore, we embody these values in both our classrooms and our library.

How libraries can promote diversity

Libraries play a crucial role in supporting and reflecting linguistic and cultural diversity because they serve as information, cultural, and learning centres. By providing equal access to knowledge and information, libraries promote active citizenship and cross-cultural dialogue.

As the best school in Coimbatore, Reeds World School promotes cultural diversity with multicultural literature on our library’s bookshelves. Our teachers and librarians work together to provide students with relevant texts that empower culturally diverse home environments and classrooms in India to help break down cultural barriers.

Our approach to education can make your child a global citizen who can succeed anywhere. Enrol them here at Reeds World School to make a difference in their life. Get started by filling out our admission enquiry form.