Easiest Ways to Teach Table Manners to Your Kids

Kids are not born with manners. They eat with their hands, chew with their mouths open, burp out loud, throw food, and do other things deemed inappropriate as they grow older. But it’s important to teach them table manners to help them fare better in life. Although the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore 2023-24 can help in this regard, it’s also your responsibility as a parent to give your kids the best start.


The value of table manners

Manners are a way to show respect and kindness to other people eating with you. These apply to everyone, and when kids know and practice them, they can demonstrate their politeness and maturity at a young age.


How to teach kids

Teaching table manners to your kids can be challenging, but remember to let them make mistakes. Start with the basic skills and work with them for improvement over time. That way, your child can build confidence and get used to doing the right thing in social situations.


Most pre-schoolers are eager to please and ready to learn, making them receptive to learning table manners during meals. While not all kids are alike, be patient while teaching one manner at a time to avoid overwhelming them. Moreover, remember that kids can learn by mimicking, practising, and watching, so be the best role model for them.


Prioritise the basics

Teach the easiest table manners to your kids. They can bring these habits with them when attending the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore 2023-24. Here are some examples:

  1. Wash hands before eating. Explain to your kids that clean hands will help them avoid getting sick and keep them healthy.
  2. Don’t talk when your mouth is full. Remind your kids to take small bites and mouthfuls, and swallow food before talking.
  3. Say please and thank you. This will show gratitude and respect to the person that served or made the food.
  4. No devices at the table. Collect all mobile devices and gadgets before meals, so your kids can focus on their food and interact with others around them.
  5. Clear the table after eating. This will teach your child to help clean up.