Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

You’ve heard about Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Physical Intelligence (PQ), but did you know that for children (and adults alike) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is as important a form of intelligence as cognitive and physical intelligence? 

 The rundown on EQ

 When we say EQ for children, what we broadly mean to imply is the child’s capacity to recognize, assess, manage, and communicate their feelings.

Countless studies and research have proven that children with high levels of EQ grow up to be highly successful individuals who are humane, empathetic, cooperative & collaborative, responsible, and sensitive leaders who possess elevated capacities of comprehending, identifying, and associating with the individuals around them.  

 Different from cognitive intelligence (IQ), where scores are derived from a few mandated tests surveying a person’s academic knowledge, EQ as a subject, deals primarily with the child’s social intelligence.

 EQ – Embedded in the curricula

Be it the young minds at the Reedsws Nursery School, or the older students in the higher classes, our panel of academicians and teachers aim to ensure that mainstream academic studies are equally infused with easily-acquirable social learning skills within the curriculum itself.

Additionally, teachers and child-facing staff are regularly sensitized to recognize issues and reinforce positive social skills for even the tiny tots studying at the Reedsws Nursery School.  

At the school, we embed EQ and social skills within the curricula starting from very early on. In this way, we gently initiate the child into accepting, recognizing and developing the social intelligence he/she is innately born with. 

 Often ignored, EQ is an important life skill

 Showing youngsters how to deal with their feelings and react fittingly to the feelings of others is a significant piece of education, and we at Reedsws Nursery School take this responsibility very seriously. We realize that being aware and making children aware of positive social skills helps improve a child’s emotional insight and likewise averts harassing and bullying tendencies. 

 In particular, children start to understand from early on that emotional and social skill acquisition is just as significant as their scholarly achievements.  

They’ll learn as they grow- A misnomer or the truth?

 Youngsters don’t need to be complete extroverts – That is true. But it’s just as important to understand that every kid has their own unique, personal characteristic make-up that guides how they associate with others.  

 Given this, healthy connections in life, especially in the latter part of their life, will help them flourish successfully. It is a well-documented fact that kids and young children with healthy social aptitudes are more likely to trust and gain more positive trust in their interactions with people.  

 That said, EQ and healthy Social Skills are one of the most significant indicators of future achievement for youngsters and youths! 

The key components of Social Skills and EQ

Here are a few key components that we ingrain in the curriculum at the Reedsws Nursery School – 

Spoken fluency and the ability to hold a healthy conversation:

 You can, without much of a stretch, spot somebody with heaps of Social Skills at a public gathering, simply because the individual in question has successfully mastered the art of “hobnobbing and fraternizing” in a social setting.  

While drawing the fine line between being ‘loud’ and ‘confident’, we at Reedsws Nursery School have, as part of our curriculum, attempted to teach children the skills of carrying discussions with a wide assortment of individuals and learning the art of ‘holding their own’ even in front of large crowds. 

Being a Good Listener:

 Socially adept children are extraordinarily keen listeners. Subsequently, they have the innate ability to forge close connections with the people they meet and people who converse with a socially intelligent being, gain the feeling as though they’ve been genuinely “heard” by that person. 

 At the Reedsws Nursery School, renowned as one of the best schools in Coimbatore, we have formulated an incredible ‘open talk’ program for kids. Within this program, children learn to deal with dread or apprehensions on public speaking platforms while developing keen listening skills.  

 We have found that these programs change them into confident speakers who effectively communicate even with a large group of people and become equally attentive listeners with exceptional perceptive skills.

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