How Oral Reading Skills Can Help to Improve Communication Skills

Reading is a crucial skill every parent should introduce early in their children’s lives. Even at an early age, kids can start learning basic language and communication skills through oral reading, even before attending the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore 2023-24. It may even give them an advantage when they go to school.


What is oral reading?

Reading is the process that helps kids understand written text, and it can build a child’s vocabulary, comprehension, and recognition skills. Oral reading means reading out loud, which can help develop a child’s pronunciation, diction, active listening and comprehension skills, and fluency. It may even improve working memory, which impacts how a person learns to read.


How does it improve communication skills?

Oral reading is highly encouraged in the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore 2023-24 because educators understand its advantages to a child’s communication skills. According to research, reading aloud impacts memory and helps a child recall words better. Teachers also have the opportunity to correct a student’s pronunciation, accent, and diction when necessary.


Teach fluency and learn new skills

Oral reading skills can also improve fluency, which helps kids read effortlessly and accurately at a suitable rate with appropriate expression and rhythm. Fluency is a bridge between decoding and comprehension. So, teachers who read aloud to their students and encourage them to do the same can provide an example for emulation. Other students can also learn by listening to their peers read aloud. Per the social learning theory, observing others can influence how we acquire new skills and knowledge.


Help overcome stress and anxiety.

Some kids have stage fright and anxiety when asked to speak in front of the class. However, it’s one of the common activities in the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore 2023-24. Oral reading can help strengthen a child’s mental and emotional resolve to be more confident when reciting or performing for an audience.