How to Choose the Best School for your Child?

It is a well-known fact that our Indian Government and other institutional bodies are reforming the existing educational model as we speak. The reason being the rapid advancement of technology and human civilization as a whole. 

The upbringing of a child has many aspects that can permanently alter a child’s life. Therefore, it is very important to consider certain aspects when choosing schools for your kid.

At Reeds World School, one of the Best School in Coimbatore we have come up with this article to help you in choosing the best school for your kid.

Below are 6 Tips to consider when you go on school-hunting:

Proximal Location

It is always advisable to look for school closest to your place of residence. It puts your child at a great advantage as he/she can stay back at school for that extra swimming lessons they love to attend. 

Also, children do not have to journey for long hours or get stuck in traffic just to get home.

As far as parents are concerned, it ensures your child’s safety and enables you to reach the school anytime.

CBSE School in Coimbatore such as Reeds World School, SSVM Institutions, etc have such location advantages.

Cost of Education

Parents have a common assumption that expensive schools tend to be the best described by their high fees structure and hi-tech facilities.

This is a common heresy in India and parents are to do their own share of research to see if the schools offer quality education to their kids.

Parents instead have to focus on the full value their children get when they get enrolled in the school, in terms of education, facilities, safety, industry exposure, and so on.

Best School in Coimbatore mentions all of this in their fees structure and also showcases their efforts in their system. 

Education Structure

What a child learns in his/her early days, that good amount of exposure is what shapes them. That is why the importance of academics is overstated. 

A good school not just focuses on the kids and performance. They also focus on teachers, learning and teaching methods, morality and other value-based additions.

Best School in Coimbatore aims at bringing in that extra fire for learning and teaching in kids and staffs alike.

Apart from academics, an extra dose of extra-curricular activities gives a child an extra edge in their capacity for learning.

Activities like art and craft, team and adventure sports, excursions, physical education and so on.

All of these can be easily seen through when you get a chance to visit the school and interacting with kids and faculties.

Staff to Student Ratio

As per industry norm, 1 staff to every 30-35 students is the accepted industry norm in a standardized school.

As no of kids per class increases, it becomes tough for staffs to give individual attention. Therefore, staffs find it difficult to cater to individuals who need special care.

That is why, Reeds World School, the Best School in Coimbatore have a maximum of 35 kids in a class.

At the kinder garden level, it is 1 staff and 2 assistants to every 10-15 students.

Clean/Green Environment

When it comes to kids, hygiene is a major priority as far as health is concerned. Things like playground safety and restroom cleanliness are something to be taken seriously.  

Some Schools in Coimbatore especially CBSE schools offer health classes to kids to ensure basic rules are followed for developing good habits.

Difference between CBSE and other boards of education

Some of the most popular streams of the education system are :

CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education

ICSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education

IB – International Baccalaureate Programme

Each board has a specific system of teaching and a vision to attain as far as education is concerned. 

Best School in Coimbatore such as Reeds World School have kept this in mind when opting for CBSE curriculum. 

As CBSE curriculum focuses to strike a balance with a child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional skills, it is widely popular in India.

As a parent, this is a huge responsibility to fulfil. Keep the above criteria in mind when searching for the best school in Coimbatore for your kids. This process need not be as tedious as you have thought to be. 

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