How to Ensure That a School Is Stress-Free?

As parents begin the search for schools for the 2023-24 academic year, many are focusing on the top 10 CBSE schools in Coimbatore. The benefits of a CBSE education are many: from academic rigour to holistic student development and easy nationwide portability due to standardised curriculums. However, parents often overlook a crucial aspect: the school’s stressful environment. Let’s explore how to ensure that a school offers a well-balanced atmosphere for your child’s well-being.

Is a completely stress-free school possible?

It’s important to acknowledge that all educational institutions, including the top 10 CBSE schools in Coimbatore, will have some level of stress. Stress is subjective and varies from student to student based on their coping mechanisms and time-management skills. Nonetheless, a supportive school community and understanding teachers can create a reduced-stress environment.

The importance of green spaces

Research suggests that exposure to greenery enhances cognitive function and emotional well-being. As such, when you’re scouting for schools for 2023-24, pay attention to whether they have sufficient outdoor spaces. Top-rated CBSE schools often have expansive playgrounds and gardens, offering students an escape from the classroom’s four walls.

Prioritise sports and physical activity.

Engagement in sports and physical activity has been proven to mitigate stress. Therefore, consider the sports facilities when evaluating schools. Do they offer a variety of sports options? Are students encouraged to participate in physical activities? A school that prioritises physical well-being alongside academics is often more successful at creating a balanced environment.

Examine the school day structure.

The frequency and duration of breaks during the school day can significantly impact stress levels. Schools that incorporate short breaks between classes help students recharge mentally and emotionally. Even a few minutes of relaxation or social interaction can go a long way in keeping stress at bay.

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