Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children

While school closure for the students of schools in Coimbatore is necessary as a mandate for controlling the transmission of the virus, this circumstance has also carried with it several unpleasant possibilities, a few of which we’ll talk about below…

 A double-edged sword this:

 As is known, school closures have caused numerous children to fall behind in their studies and put their dreams & aspirations on hold for the time being. And though one can say that this intense coronavirus-induced disruption is frustratingly being felt by everyone young & old, countless school-going kids worldwide are facing a negative impact on the academic year and possibly, even failing to meet short & long-term educational goals. 

 However, this is not the only issue that has arisen out of the epidemic crisis – There are numerous mental health issues as well.

 As a part of the larger strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus, open facilities such as educational institutions, colleges, and office buildings shut down with the intention that individuals can remain at home and forestall additional spread. With the onslaught of this containment measure, students of the best schools in Coimbatore began to be kept at home and physical activity outside the house was kept severely limited.

 In other words, social distancing implementations were enforced at a time when kids would otherwise have been frolicking in the summer holidays or spring break session (depending on the country the child lived in).

 Now, with the advent of the social distancing norms, students of schools in Coimbatore had to deal with the reality of staying home or fear contracting the virus AND additionally, tackle complex feelings of instability & uncertainty regarding their parent’s employment, extended relatives’ physical health condition and losing contact with companions.

 This means that just as affecting the learning and education of children, being on lockdown is affecting psychological wellness and emotional health too.

 There’s something else too… Best CBSE schools in Coimbatore

 Another unpleasant reality that has come to the fore is the danger of physical abuse at home, cyber-bullying, forced labour & other forms of violence that are most likely a fallout of the epidemic crisis. 

 Moreover, as the current numbers seem to suggest, around 1.5 billion children in countries around the world are not going to school at present because of the infection, and there are yet no clear indications of when the situation will be normalised. This means the danger of maltreatment, labour, cyber-bullying and abuse will not only continue to exist but possibly also get exacerbated with time.

 What parents CAN do to support the wellbeing of their children – Schools in Coimbatore

 First, as parents and caregivers you must understand that the clinical effects of the novel coronavirus are well known – So take a small breather, ensure that you follow all the containment measures to a T and ascertain that the kids are rigorously following them too. 

Next on, take some solace from what the Human Rights Watch has to report on the COVID-19 outbreak:
The COVID-19 outbreak will have a long drawn out adverse effect on kids; however, they are considerably less affected by the infection than other age classes, according to a study released by Human Rights Watch.

This means that while youngsters are less likely to turn out to be physically sick, the psychological health impacts are still a work-in-progress and not as thoroughly documented as the physical symptoms are.

As a measure of supporting children’s psychological health, we at Reeds World School, the best school in Coimbatore, recommend that parents and caregivers attempt to implement the following:

 # Be proactive:

 In navigating this crisis together with the family and children, parents should cultivate a positive relationship with their children and be proactive in speaking about mental health as well as other wellness issues.

This sort of active and free engagement, especially with older school-going children of best schools in Coimbatore, might provide insights on the early signs of depression or anxiety.

 # Create equanimity, for yourself and the kids  

Kids look up to parents for learning what healthy stress-management is all about. They understand from parents and caregivers how to cope with pressures & fix problems when conflicts arise and things get complicated.

What this implies is that first and foremost, parents must build a healthy relationship with themselves and set a daily routine dedicated to nurturing that. 

 Parents may attempt, if they can, to find some room in their day and make time for working out. Alternately, meditating might be the de-stressor that calms them down, while painting or cooking up a storm in the kitchen proves cathartic for some others… 

 Either way, the idea is to do what suits you and actively engage children in the activity too – It might be just the thing for them and you. Moreover, do try to control the barrage of negative news and online use – It helps in minimising stress to a great extent.

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