Make time for play time

The adage ‘’All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’’ is true, especially in today’s world where many children feel pressured to study constantly, score higher, top the class and excel in academics come what may.

To them, recreation is just another word for time spent with gadgets, videos, videogames & social media distractions – there simply is no time for kicking the ball around in the park or playing with friends in unstructured playtime. 

Being a parent in this time of technology and gadgetry, one might be tempted to say that electronic devices sure have a lot of advantages but, in addition to other things, one must recognize that physical activity and playtime in childhood are not just important, they are irreplaceable!

A physically lively child is a physically sound one

Given the expanding data of children that come under the overweight category, combined with higher incidences of childhood infections and illnesses, parents have now become seriously concerned about how physical activities can help their children. 

  Know that physical activities such as playing with friends in unstructured playtime forestalls inordinate weight gain, diminishes the danger of diabetes, helps reinforce the strength of children’s muscles and bones, reduces the risks of malignant growths, and wards off different medical conditions. 

Besides, physical exercise is helpful for the emotional well-being of children aside from which, healthcare specialists opine that physical movement enables youngsters to develop their personalities, helps overcome nervousness and despondency, and builds confidence levels. 

 Playing to play, or playing to learn

 As one of the foremost ranking international schools in Coimbatore, we at Reeds World of School have been consistently included in the best 10 schools in Coimbatore because we support healthy playtime with scholarly achievements. 

  We don’t stop there – We put in our earnest attempts for making a cheerful, and positive learning atmosphere where physical exercise is an integral part of child development just as much as academic success is. 

 Presently ranked as the best school in Coimbatore, you can connect with us here if you want to know how we implement an integrated academic + recreation program at the school.

  Tangible benefits not to be ignored

 Numerous studies have proven that playtime improves cognitive levels, general social skills, and capacities to recall things better. Playing with friends in unstructured playtime, in invigorating environments such as parks or playgrounds, makes children more intelligent, enables them to adapt quickly to situations and have superior memories. 

 Research has pointed out that encouraging physical activity from the outset, viz, from early childhood, prompts higher levels of intelligence even with 3-year-olds.

Works the body

 As kids play and work their bodies, more blood moves through to reach their muscles, bones, and cells. This initiates the circulation of vital supplements and oxygen to each part of the body, which is extraordinarily useful to a developing youngster whose whole body requires enormous amounts of vital supplements. Because of this increased blood and oxygen circulation, children develop more vitality for physical exercises.

 Persistence, endurance, and continuance 

 Stamina is created when kids get going with physically vigorous movement. During such oxygen consuming activity, the heart pulsates quicker, and the child will inhale more and more. The high-impact movement fortifies the heart and develops the child’s body’s capacity to distribute more oxygen to every part of the body. 

What’s more, such kind of physical activity is good for grown-ups and kids alike. 

  At Reeds World of School, one of the best school in Coimbatore we ensure to include high-impact exercises such as bicycling, skating, soccer, tennis, brisk walking and running among others. We’ve found that youngsters become increasingly active & interested in structured/ unstructured playtime and that encourages them to perform better in academics at the school.




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