Physical Education and Sports in CBSE Schools – Its Importance in Your Child’s Life

Academics may help your child excel in life by ensuring they can enter  good CBSE schools in Coimbatore and, ultimately, the top universities in India or other countries. But it’s crucial to remember that non-stop studying isn’t the healthiest approach. Your child also needs to enjoy recreational activities and stay physically active for their overall well-being. Sports and physical education, for instance, play a vital role in maintaining a balanced body and mind. At SSVMschools, they recognise this importance, making these elements just as integral to their comprehensive curriculum as academic learning.

A different way to learn

CBSE schools are unlike others as they are focused on a child’s holistic development while emphasising academic prowess. This way, they provide an enriched learning experience for all students. If you are enrolling your child in a CBSE-affiliated school for  2023-24, you’ll discover an interdisciplinary learning practice that supports these learning objectives:

  • Effectively apply academic knowledge in different areas.
  • Engage in lateral and critical thinking.
  • Attain better reasoning skills to overcome real-life challenges.

Physical education and sports in CBSE schools have a role in applying those learning objectives, too. Through sports and physical activity, students can appreciate the importance of teamwork, learn to achieve emotional balance and become mentally strong. Plus, these activities encourage sportsmanship and healthy competition. As such,  good CBSE schools in Coimbatore produce versatile students that can keep up with real-world challenges. Many schools encourage playing sports and games, including swimming, basketball, archery, chess, volleyball, boxing, and aerobics.

Build confidence

Physical activity and sports are crucial aspects of the curriculum of  SSVM  schools. High-quality PE and sports programs encourage kids to develop their skills and ability to apply strategies, tactics, and ideas to get ahead and succeed. Children can become more confident in themselves and in overcoming obstacles and issues when they develop a stronger mindset through sports. Plus, these activities help keep students healthy by encouraging physical fitness.

Choose a school that can nurture your child.

Reeds World School is one of the  good CBSE schools in Coimbatore that offers the right balance of academics and sports for our students. We are part of the  SSVM  network of schools and accepting new students for  2023-24, so consider enrolling your child today.