If you’re a parent or an educator, you know what it is to look at a tiny tot and wonder what it is that he/she will become one day – A corporate honcho, entrepreneur, teacher, doctor, environmentalist or maybe an engineer! In our role as educators of the Best School in Coimbatore, we at Reeds World School have often been asked this question by concerned parents and in our article below, we’ve attempted to allay some of their anxiety on this subject. So read on parents, there are some very interesting points to ponder…


 The world is getting progressively competitive and as parents, it’s understandable that you’d want to be able to help equip children in every way possible. Starting from enrolling them in CBSE Schools in Coimbatore to ensuring that they have the finest access to nutrition, exercise, and recreation, you leave no stone unturned to ensure they have the best of the best. 

But beyond this, are there any specific skills that you can teach them so that they adapt to the challenging job environment of the future? Is there a guideline on the range of abilities they should acquire for them to be offered opportunities in careers that we can’t yet even envision? 

Following are some pointers to assist you in enabling your children with the social-emotional skills they’re probably going to need in the tomorrow yet to come-


It is no secret that news and various other forms of information & data travel fast and get dispersed at an extraordinary rate. Some might argue that the speed of light is only challenged by the speed of information transfer nowadays.

That said, in the narrative of students, it is thought that over HALF the information about circumstances that existed or events that have occurred will never again be exact or let’s say, unadulterated.

 Therefore it becomes imperative for children to understand how they can discover exact data, and how to utilize basic examination skills for surveying the veracity of new data. The precision in assessing data is the skill or intellectual capacity that they have to learn, because without them, kids will be ill-equipped to discover, break down, glean and utilize the data deluge that will be thrown at them in the future.


Among the CBSE Schools in Coimbatore or elsewhere even, the skill of being in a state of ‘mental readiness’ is one that can help at any time and age. 

 To elaborate, just close your eyes for a second and think back about the past thirty years that have gone by. Picture in your mind’s eye the radical changes in the working environment and the human race… 

Chances are you’ve come to the same conclusion as all of us – Humans that are most change-friendly survive, thrive, and prevail.

Likewise, our children should be flexible with changes and be eager to adjust to the progressions around them. In this capacity, educators can make an extremely unique condition inside the class by getting students ready for what’s to come. 

By variegating the very arrangement of the class within which children study, the educational system, and even how learning is shown to students, educators can demonstrate to students how they can adjust to changes. 

At Reeds World School (Best School in Coimbatore) we often undertake exercises that compel students to think out of the box. For example, our teachers might ask students to make a science project and direct them to include a completely tangent factor in it (such as a geometrical formula). They may protest at the beginning; however, the abilities will work well for them.


Critical reasoning and decision-making skills require processing complex issues into small bits of information. To achieve this, school-going children need to reason and decide on choices that are coherent and holistically considered and we believe that the school’s classroom is the ideal place where students can rehearse basic leadership abilities consistently. 


The roadmap for a lifetime of good decision-making skills starts by showing children the bit-by-bit approach for acquiring reasoning and decision-making skills. 

 As educators, we often give hypothetical situations to our students wherein they may be given a list of potential choices, asked to assemble data and gauge the upsides & downsides of a situation.

 What is glaringly evident is that the more practice children get in playing decisive roles, the more sure-footed leaders they turn into. 

 To parents, we advise that you allow them to make little choices during the day. For instance, let them decide what the dinner menu should look like or which subject they’d like to study first.


 Rote is out and so are the conventional methods of teaching, so it is safe to say that the modern teaching & learning model ought to not only be flexible but be adaptable and change every day. 

 At Reeds World School – regarded as one of the Best School in Coimbatore, we’ve attempted to put this process in practice and so far, we’ve found extraordinary success with it. Our children acquire skills that prepare them for taking on challenges headlong and they value the lessons learnt from failures – To us, that is extremely significant.

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