Top Tips for Raising Critical Thinkers

In recent years, it has become increasingly evident that our children are exposed to a variety of issues facing society and often ask what they can do themselves to be part of a solution. Rather than simply providing the answers for them, it is more effective in the long term to foster their critical thinking skills from an early age so that they may find answers for themselves. But how do you do just that?

1. Communicate your thought process

As parents, it is sometimes necessary to step in during a time of difficulty for one’s child. One of the most effective ways of teaching young people how to face future challenges is by modelling one’s thought process and decision-making approach when confronted with a problem. This will give them an insight into how to handle any future issues they may encounter.

2. Only intervene when appropriate, not instantly

It is important for children to be given the opportunity to think about a problem, come up with potential solutions, and implement the best one. This can be difficult for parents, but allowing adequate time for the child to consider their choices and providing enough guidance without taking over can help foster a sense of meaningful problem-solving skills in them.

3. Choose a good school

Ultimately, one of the most influential factors in nurturing critical thinking skills is to ensure that a child is enrolled in a good school. By enrolling them in an educational environment with teachers who are equipped and willing to facilitate learning through inquiry, children will be more likely to develop their analytical skills.

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