Top Tips to Overcome Board Exam Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever blanked out during an exam? Anxiety and stress can cause this, and realising you’re unable to recall what you studied during the test can make you panic, leading to disastrous results. If you’re about to take another board exam and want to overcome any worries, these tips are for you.


Ensure the right information

Check the location and time of your exam in advance, and know what to expect. Your teacher should tell you what the exam will cover and the question format.


Manage your time to study effectively

You can reduce stress and anxiety when you’re confident that you’ve prepared enough for the board exam. Plan out your study periods and spread them out over the entire term instead of cramming, which can make you feel you lack time and, therefore, make you feel more worried. Try to pace yourself while studying, such as spending 50 minutes on each topic and taking ten-minute breaks. Look into tactics that can help you retain information effectively, such as taking mock exams and writing answers down under a time limit.


Stay healthy

You don’t want to get sick before or during your board exam. Sleep well, eat a balanced and proper diet, and exercise regularly. Avoid anything that can increase your anxiety and stress, such as sugar and caffeine.


Change your attitude

Are you the type to have a negative mindset with unhelpful thoughts like “I will fail this”? It’s time you adjust your attitude to do better. It also helps not to be so hard on yourself. Do your best under the circumstances instead of requiring perfection at all times.


Talk to your peers or teachers.

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