What positive changes can we expect in the education field during & after the COVID-19 crisis?

Over the most recent couple of weeks, the schools and higher education universities of our world have grappled with a unique challenge- That of seclusion, isolation & self-quarantine and of attempting to maintain as much of a semblance of ‘’education as usual’’ attitude as possible. Even when the odds of the COVID-19 epidemic were against them, educators across the globe addressed the problem and attempted to give it their very best. For the countless CBSE schools in Coimbatore who’ve toiled to put it all out there – a word of thanks – for the efforts of bringing virtual education to children despite many unique hurdles has been nothing short of an exemplary endeavour!

As is known, ever since the COVID-19 epidemic spread across the globe, a huge number of home bound educators and academicians of schools in Coimbatore have attempted to sustain continuity in education by way of virtual classrooms and digital libraries of online learning resources of value.

What positive changes can we expect in the education field during and after the COVID-19 crisis? CBSE schools in Coimbatore

 Notwithstanding the interruption in education due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are some changes in education, expected and unexpected, that may develop over time. Underneath, we at Reeds World School– Best School in Coimbatore, have featured some such scenarios:

#1: When education prepares youngsters to become spokespersons for health & wellbeing

In the beginning periods of crises, it is critical to rapidly restart instructive exercises for youngsters and youth for not only does education help give a sense of anchor, but also that children of schools in Coimbatore can be taught to learn (and teach) critical health and safety directives.

 Why is this important and how does this kind of education help?

While these kinds of training exercises appear to be unique in each situation, what’s important to remember is that when youngsters consistently rehearse these practices, they become spokespersons for critical health and safety in their families.

 #2: Education CAN change & CAN spark innovation in unexpected ways

The pace of progress in CBSE schools in Coimbatore and higher education universities across the world has been moderate and sometimes hundred-year-old methodologies of teaching, established practices, and old fashioned classrooms continue to be used even today. 

 Be that as it may, the COVID-19 can become an impetus for the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore to look for inventive responses in a moderately brief timeframe. 

This is not to say that there haven’t been any innovative breakthroughs – For there have been quite a few.

 Several schools in Coimbatore, to help moderate the infection’s spread, began with virtual classrooms for children at home. Many other CBSE schools in Coimbatore initiated online learning using intelligent applications and live transmissions via radio and TV. 

Other less difficult – yet no less innovative – schools in Coimbatore encouraged students to continue learning by sharing resource material through email, Youtube videos and simultaneous online video guidance.

 Correspondingly, many children even started utilizing web-based learning for non-academic endeavours such as PE (physical training). Students recorded and shared videos of themselves exercising and keeping physically fit while being homebound. This was their way of motivating their fellow peers and educators to make every attempt at maintaining their everyday routines the same as before the epidemic struck. 

 # 3: A lesson in adaptability

 At Reeds World School- Best School in Coimbatore, we’ve observed that with the increasing shift towards online learning and virtual classrooms, there have been some interesting changes in students’ adaptabilities too. One such example is that of students acquiring new aptitudes in computerizations and learning of new techno-savvy skills. 

 With newer innovation getting increasingly pervasive in many nations across the world, for example, Japan, US and China, students and educators are genuinely beginning to grasp the concept of ‘ anyplace, whenever’ education delivery. 

 Conventional face-to-face classroom teaching methodologies supplemented with innovative technologies could turn learning into an impulsion – a sort of second nature that is incorporated into students’ everyday schedule.

And at Reeds World School- Best School in Coimbatore, we believe that imaginative approaches to education offer useful, proactive outcomes and set the stage for a successful reconstruction. While many of the best schools in Coimbatore would find that returning to the ‘’usual” is no longer a choice, we like to think that this phase could be a significant trigger for  galvanizing the education system for the better.

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