Will COVID-19 put hygiene as the priority in Indian schools?

Since the time schools across India went into lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, academicians of the best schools in Coimbatore have had a chance to rethink about how to help school children safeguard themselves against the coronavirus pandemic. 

Moreover, beyond the basic hygiene measures that were in place before the epidemic struck, academicians are also reassessing pandemic readiness in schools in future.

The significance of hygiene management in schools before the COVID-19 epidemic – Best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

Even before the epidemic struck, sanitation and hygiene at schools have always assumed a matter of great importance and the best schools in Coimbatore indeed attempted to maintain an optimum level of cleanliness in their respective campuses. 

That said, the importance of keeping the school buildings clean is further underlined by the fact that maintaining school hygiene and sterility is thought of as a means of guaranteeing the basic privileges of students to clean classrooms & playgrounds, stable water sources, and sanitised restrooms.

At Reeds World School, the best CBSE School in Coimbatore, we see institutional hygiene as an extension of a healthy learning environment and believe that it impacts the learning outcomes of students in an indirect manner. 


 Allow us to explain…

Students spend a majority of their time at the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore and how their mental and emotional needs are fulfilled, how safe they are kept from infections and injuries depends on how sanitation is practised at their premises. 

 When the premises are kept spic and span, it encourages successful learning in the classroom, teaches students the significance of personal & public responsibility and inculcates in them the value of hygiene and health. 

 And these are principles they learn and keep for life. 

 Now, imagine a school environment that is not adequately sanitised and the standards regarding hygiene are inadequate. In this case, let’s say if the restrooms are not clean, there are possibilities of disease outbreaks and chances of transmission of communicable infections or if say, the drinking water is unsafe, it can result in students falling sick. 

Furthermore, it gives students the wrong message on basic hygiene – One that can do more harm than good.

At Reeds World School, the best CBSE School in Coimbatore, we believe that compliance with the WASH protocol in every school is non-negotiable. 

WASH in Schools promotes international initiatives to make true the goal articulated by WASH in Schools partners: a future where all children attend school and all schools have a clean, safe and healthy atmosphere.

Does COVID-19 put hygiene as the priority in schools – CBSE Schools in Coimbatore 

 While the obvious answer to this is yes, one must remember that the transmission of the novel COVID-19, pandemic readiness and the initiatives impacting safety and well-being of the school-going population in the future are yet uncertain subjects and only time will tell what actual outcomes may come to be later on.

Moreover, as the COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving situation and while there can be renewed measures to ensure immaculate school hygiene in future; there aren’t yet any blanket & sure-fire responses that will ensure absolute decontamination from all viruses at this point. 

 It is, as mentioned earlier, an evolving situation and so, it’s best advised to follow all containment measures laid down by the respective government & state authorities and adhere with the norms set by them.

 In the meantime, it’s important to remember that in the ongoing fight to suppress Covid-19’s transmission; every intervention can help deter its proliferation, from isolation to social distancing, from stricter institutional hygiene measures to personal grooming behaviours. And so we must do our bit in every way we can.

 To that end, we’ve enumerated a few hygiene-related guidelines that you can use to shield yourself as well as your children to avoid the spread of COVID-19

You may decrease your odds of being infected or spreading COVID-19 by following the measures such as: 

1. Frequently and thoroughly clean your hands with a liquor based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. 

This is essential because washing your hands with soap and water or utilizing liquor based hand sanitizers eliminates infections that might be on the hands. 

2. Keep at least 1 meter (3 feet) of separation between yourself as well as other people. 

 At the point when somebody sneezes, coughs, wheezes, or talks they scatter little fluid beads from their nose or mouth which may contain the infection. On the off chance that you are excessively close, you may be at risk of inhaling the beads, including the COVID-19 infection if the individual has the illness. 

3. Abstain from going to densely populated areas. 

 Where there are large crowds, you may come into direct contact with others who have COVID-19 and it becomes all the harder to keep a social distance (separation) of 1 meter (3 feet). 

4. Abstain from touching the eyes, nose and mouth. 

 Hands come in contact with numerous surfaces and can carry infections. When infected, hands can move the infection to the eyes, nose or mouth. From that point, the infection can enter your body and potentially contaminate you

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