A Brief Guide to Choosing a School in Coimbatore

Finding a good school in Coimbatore is always easier said than done. With the number of great schools with well-established names in the area, it can be tough selecting one. Don’t know where to start? This guide can help you choose the most suitable school for your kids:

Get to know their teaching staff

The quality of the faculty should be among the most important considerations when choosing a school in Coimbatore. Research shows that high-quality teachers produce high-performing students. Teachers who are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate in their craft are more likely to impart more knowledge, guide effectively, and motivate learners to do their best. So when evaluating a school, don’t forget to ask about the experience and qualifications of their teachers! Take note that a good school will not only hire the best teachers but also ‘grow’ their own. They invest in faculty training programmes to support their ongoing professional development.

Pay the school a visit

It’s best to do this on a regular school day. If the administration permits, observe a class. Nothing beats having first-hand experience and face-to-face interactions with the students, staff, and teachers that your children will potentially mingle with. This gives you a better picture of the quality of teacher-student engagement as well as the culture of the school community.

Check the school facilities

Don’t rely too much on the photos of facilities that you see on their websites. Those were surely taken by professionals from the best angles. Make sure to tour around the campus during your visit. The best schools in Coimbatore will invest in infrastructure and other important amenities to provide the best environment for their learners.

Ask about their extra-curricular activities

Your kids’ school life shouldn’t revolve around acing tests and getting good grades. Joining extracurricular activities will further other essential skills like leadership, responsibility, communication, and sportsmanship. It’s good to find a school with a variety of non-academic programmes as this will help your kids find new interests and discover their gifts!

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