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What’s the best school in Coimbatore? Parents have been seeking to answer this question for decades to provide the best possible education to their children. And luckily, you don’t have to search too far anymore. Everything you need to know is laid out in this article. Let’s talk about the top-performing schools in the Coimbatore area that you need to know about if you’re looking for world-class education for your children.

Reeds World School — the best school in Coimbatore

Reeds World School is one of Coimbatore’s most widely acclaimed educational institutions. A member of the SSVM Group of Institutions, Reeds WS was first established in 2014 and designed to be a 21st century school.

What does this mean for you? Essentially, the institution provides a futuristic and individualised learning experience instead of using traditional approaches.

For example, Reeds World School has 25 out of 70 ICT-enabled classrooms. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education helps enhance the modes of communication inside the classroom, increasing engagement and collaboration between teachers and students.

In addition, this best school in Coimbatore is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This world-renowned educational board is widely sought-after by parents across the globe, known for its rigorous academic programme and high standards.

The CBSE curriculum focuses on six learning areas: Mathematics, Science and Technology, Humanities, Commerce  Health and Physical Education, and Visual and Performing Arts. As a result, CBSE students grow into impressively well-rounded individuals equipped with skills to succeed in an increasingly globalised world!

But unlike most programmes, the CBSE doesn’t rely too heavily on periodic examinations. Instead, CBSE-affiliated schools like Reeds World School conduct continuous assessments all year round. Because of this, students have more opportunities to improve their scores, with more engaging activities such as group skits, chart presentations, and model-making projects.

Last but not least, Reeds World School offers an outstanding extracurricular programme, encouraging students to participate in sports, international expeditions, Model United Nations conferences, and university visits!

The school is located in Globus Gardens, Thottipalayam Pirivu Road, Kaikolapalayam, Coimbatore.

Is Reeds World School too far from your home? Don’t worry—there are other schools under the renowned SSVM Institutions. Aside from Reeds, you can also explore the SSVM World School, SSVM World School – Cambridge International School, and SSVM School of Excellence.


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Reeds World School is recognised as the best CBSE School in Coimbatore, and Reeds World School stands distinguished by their high standards, vigorously pursuing them by nurturing enthusiasm for a holistic learning experience.

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