A musical concert was held in Reeds World School on 18.2.2020. The extravagant ensemble set out their humble mission to spread their echo’s into the hearts of REEDIANS. It was a colourful and deeply satisfying music show.

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Tips to stay motivated during exams - Reeds World School

With exam seasons come exam fever, insomnia and all other unseen occurrences! Exam times often turn to be the most stressful times for kids across all grades and standards. Fear of exams has driven kids to the point of disliking a subject altogether.  This is one of the prime reasons why motivation plays an important role during exams. Amidst the heavy workload and anxiety, no wonder kids tend to fall in a last-minute slump. Reeds World School, one of the…

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How to Choose the Best School for your Child? - Reedsws

It is a well-known fact that our Indian Government and other institutional bodies are reforming the existing educational model as we speak. The reason being the rapid advancement of technology and human civilization as a whole.  The upbringing of a child has many aspects that can permanently alter a child’s life. Therefore, it is very important to consider certain aspects when choosing schools for your kid. At Reeds World School, one of the Best School in Coimbatore we have come up…

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Principal’s Message Welcome to Reeds World School ,A successful school with a solid foundation of Excellence. Our educational goals is to make learning exciting so that students will experience the joy of Discovering  new ideas and building new skills,While developing a lot of learning  will create  life-long learners.Our institutional focus is reading comprehension with our Motto ” Read, Lead, Succeed” . Reeds is a school with strong traditions. Our staff focuses on positive caring, effective approaches in building self- esteem…

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Correspondent’s Message “In personalised, small, student-centred classes, students can genuinely realise their true potential, every single day“ Reeds World School ,is a vibrant, dynamic school in which children have many opportunities to explore, discover, investigate and create across a wide range of disciplines and activities. The highly qualified and experienced faculty bring tremendous energy, expertise and enthusiasm to lessons and always focus on enabling the growth and development of each individual child. Our curriculum provides a distinct, portable and inspiring…

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What Happens to Student Behavior When Schools Prioritize Art - Best CBSE School in Coimbatore

SCHOOL WITH A VISION Many people outside the school environment tend to judge a school, any school based on the behaviours and attitude of students and their future career they land. Everyone keeps a tab. And yes, marks and scores also play an influential role.  Of that, we come to the conclusion that either the system is good or bad. We blame the system immediately not the students. Endpoint, change in students comes from a change in the system.  That…

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What Suggestions Do You Have for Improving Lunch at Your School? - Reedsws

Does the thought of your child eating junk food at school bother you? Are you worried about the health and nutrition of the lunch at the school cafeteria? Understandably, your answer is most likely an emphatic ‘yes’ to all these questions, isn’t it? Well, we’re certain that most CBSE Schools in Coimbatore might’ve given this subject as much thought as you have. In our article, we’re discussing exactly how unique the lunch program can be and how interested the kids are…

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3 Books That Encourage Children’s Spatial Skills Development - Reedsws

What are Spatial Skills after all? Can children acquire them or are they an inherent skill? Studies suggest that spatial insight, or visuospatial capacity, characterized by the capacity to create, figure out, remember and change 3D images and shapes, can be an acquired skill. REEDS World School, CBSE School in Coimbatore finds out how… The Definition- Spatial intelligence is the ability to picture shapes in our mind’s eye, the essential capacity (guided by the right side of the brain) that is…

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Pongal, one of the most important Tamil festival  was celebrated extravagantly at Reeds World School.Cultural programmes were encompassed on the theme ‘Harvest festivals of India’ showcasing it’s diversity. Kindergarten  students were back to times of yore- taking bullock cart rides, playing uriyadi and feasting on pongal. The seven habits song in tamil was a perfect finale for this occasion.

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Reeds World School has been recognized as a ‘FIT India School’ by Government of India, Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports. We are elated to spearhead the fitness campaign not only in our campus but the society as a whole.

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