Check Out Some Great Schools in Kalapatti, Coimbatore!

Are you looking for a new school in Kalapatti, Coimbatore for your children? The selection process can quickly become overwhelming because there is quite a number of good option to choose from. A good place to start is to look at the top-ranking schools in the area. Here are some of them:

1. Reeds World School

If you are looking for a CBSE school near Kalapatti, Coimbatore, check out Reeds World School. It is run by Maks Educational Charitable Trust and was established with the mission to provide every child with a safe, fear-free and supportive environment. 

2. Anan Kids Academy

Another CBSE school in Kalapatti, Coimbatore is Anan Kids Academy. They offer this curriculum to class 10 students and below. This private school puts a strong emphasis on mathematical, logical, and linguistic skills.

3. Saran Matriculation School 

Founded in 1993, Saran Matric School is a private co-educational institution. It offers a CCE curriculum and accepts students from class 1 to 12.

School rankings online are often based the reviews. This is why they should be taken with a grain of salt. Checking the list of top-rated schools is not wrong. But you shouldn’t stop there. As a discerning parent, you will surely want to know more about the potential schools before choosing one. Some of the most important information that you need to research are:

Quality of teaching

Many factors affect the quality of education a school can deliver. These include teacher knowledge and experience, classroom size, and teacher development programmes. Most of the time, schools with highly experienced professional teachers, a small student-teacher ratio, and strong faculty development programmes provide the best quality of instruction.

Student achievements

Numbers aren’t everything, but they can also tell you a lot of things. How do students from the school rank in board exams? This can give you an idea of how well the school performs. If the school has a long list of subject toppers and a 100% passing rate, then that’s a good indication that they are effective!

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