Here Are Some Good Schools in Kalapatti, Coimbatore

According to Bloomberg, students who live far from their schools tend to suffer from a lack of sleep and exercise. This is why it’s important to find a campus that will only take 30 minutes or less to reach—this way, your child can stay healthy and motivated while studying. Thankfully, there are many good schools in Kalapatti, Coimbatore:


Reeds World School


Located in the heart of Kalapatti, Reeds World School is about a six-minute car ride from the main road. The institution describes itself as a 21st-century school, offering students an individualised and futuristic learning experience that focuses on reading, leading, and succeeding.


Reeds World School graduates are prepared for a successful life in an increasingly globalised world. Moreover, the school is affiliated with the CBSE, which emphasises research, project-based, and blended learning approaches for a student’s holistic development. 


SSVM World School


This school in Kalapatti, Coimbatore is popular among younger parents. It is the first South Indian institution to offer the Cambridge Early Years programme designed for kids aged 3 to 6.

SSVM World School’s Cambridge Early Years Centre has proven to be an effective learning tool, building a solid foundation for children according to their unique developmental pathways. 

Additionally, SSVM World School offers the CBSE curriculum for students until Class XII.


SSVM School of Excellence


SSVM School of Excellence takes around 20 minutes to reach via the main road. It is a CBSE-affiliated institution offering a rigorous academic programme supplemented by comprehensive co-curricular and extracurricular activities. 


SSVM World School students are well-prepared to take the AISSE and AISSCE. On top of that, they are encouraged to participate in various enhancement programmes, such as First in Math, International Summer School, and Robotics.


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