How children can work towards environment conservation

As children, you might think you need to wait until you’re a grown-up before you can make some impact on environment conservation. After all, most environmental conservationists today are grown-ups, aren’t they? 

 The truth is, however, a little different!

You don’t have to wait to grow up before you can roll out your pet environmental conservation project – You can start right away.

  And if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on, we’re learning a bit more about the crusades of some eco-warriors (young & old) from across India.

From an acorn grows a mighty oak tree

 The year was 2017 and Ridhima Pandey was only nine years of age when she went on to file a claim against the Indian government for neglecting to make a move against environmental change. 

  Ridhima Pandey’s father is a pro-nature lobbyist and her mother a forestry guard, and so one can say that her entire family is actively engaged in environmental conservation one way or another. 

  As a young crusader, Ridhima’s energy and enthusiasm for saving the earth is inspiring and gives the message for children to actively roll out pro-environmental projects now – Just know that change, even if it starts with one, is possible!

  Let’s learn about another inspirational eco champ, shall we?

  While the best of us only manage to think about doing something for the environment, not every person figures out how to take on the fight. Aditya Mukherjee is a youngster who took up the cudgels against plastic single-use straws and in the process became a young role model for children.

  Aditya set about the task of supplanting 50k single-use straws with eco-friendly ones and the 14-year old began this task by defining little objectives. Today, he has about supplanted 6 lakh plastic straws and keeps on setting greater focuses for himself just as for the earth.

  In these two cases, the young campaigners took up causes that they passionately believed in, early on in life. Now, let’s look at another example of an eco advocate for whom age is just a number-

  Well before everyone in our nation had even started talking about the dangerous effects of climate change, Kollakkayil Devaki Amma began her very own green movement. The outcome is an account of the progress that we, as a whole can gain from.

Kollakkayil Devaki Amma’s affection for mother earth and her longing to alleviate the impacts of environmental change enabled her to make her very own forest over the five-section of land stretch around her home. 


  Devaki Amma’s grandfather was an extraordinary wellspring of impact for Devaki Amma and it was he, who helped instil in her the passion for agriculture. Her passion for environmental conservation got an even greater push when she wedded Gopalkrishna Pillai, an English educator, in whose family all ladies took active participation in farming work. 

  Until 1980, Devaki Amma would actively help in growing paddy but when she harmed her leg, she was exhorted against walking, leave alone participating in farming work. In any case, her undying adoration for cultivating didn’t stop. The following three years, she planted a sapling in her lawn and that was when her eco-conservation pet project started.

  Starting by planting one sapling in the surrounding area of her home three years after the mishap, it was one sapling that prompted another one to be planted. Before she knew it, the 85-year old had made a rich green woodland spread over more than five sections of land in her private property in the Onattukara area in Alappuzha locale of Kerala.

Devaki Amma’s woodland presently comprises of three lakes, a wetland, some animals, therapeutic plants, blooms, bushes, creepers & vegetables, and some transitory birds in the timberland too!

Encouraging the eco-warrior in your child

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