How ‘Minute-Observation’ Can Help Students Develop Skills Across Disciplines?

Rapidly shortening attention spans – That’s the challenge plaguing most CBSE School in Coimbatore classrooms nowadays. And while most academicians opine that students’ attention span nowadays is just around eight seconds, others feel that the average length of their focus is much lesser. Is there something that can be done to address this challenge?
We analyse…

The challenge, the choice, the chance – CBSE School in Coimbatore

The Challenge: The rush to complete the portion before exams and to increasingly conclude more material in a limited measure of time makes a teachers job challenging. Additionally, when educators of CBSE School in Coimbatore are responsible for inculcating abilities such as basic reasoning and inventiveness in their students, the stakes go up a notch. 

True, these abilities will help students contend with competition in the 21st century, but what’s also true is that teachers will need to set aside additional effort to inculcate them. But what happens when you’re educating an era of students who’re hardwired for lightning-fast information, with attention spans that hover around a mere eight seconds?

Well, for teachers, holding students’ focus for longer durations does indeed become a challenging situation!

The Choice: Like most teachers at CBSE School in Coimbatore will agree, gadgets and innovation are making it harder to reach and instruct students. Most academicians agree that gadgets and innovation divert attention and create a limited ability to focus.

Yet, are gadgets and innovation truly the villains they are made out to be? Can’t gadgets and innovation be instead used to enhance focus in students?

At Reeds World School, we’ve given these questions considerable thought…

 We realised that to successfully teach this generation of kids, some simple techniques such as “bite-sized learning” and ‘’ dynamic learning’’ can work just as well. 

 Teachers and educators at Reeds World School are trained and sensitised to address their class with these techniques among others. And it is during lengthy exercises that our teachers deploy “bite-sized learning” and ‘’ dynamic learning’’ techniques.

With both these methods, teachers ANTICIPATE short-lived attention spans and so they prepare their topic-wise explanations accordingly.

Additionally, by weaving dynamic learning techniques into our exercises, we can utilize gadgets and innovation to CONNECT with students and keep course content pertinent.

The Chance: As might be the case with most CBSE Schools in Coimbatore, even the Best School in Coimbatore, teaching an age of students who have short attention spans requires ingenuity, flexibility and adaptability.

But while tackling ‘diversions’ may seem like an uphill task, there is yet another proven methodology that has worked exceptionally well.

It is the conscious act of observing something to the minutest detail and going past the first impressions of it. It is the process of making a progressively more vivid involvement in a book, a thought, a bit of craftsmanship, or some other sort of item.

It’s a form of observation that allows for students of CBSE School in Coimbatore to acknowledge, accept & appreciate the value of the planet we breathe in.

How this technique bolsters students’ understanding of complex subjects

The frame-by-frame, minute observation technique assists understudies in exploring complex frameworks and constructing associations. They build up a sense of gratefulness for the multifaceted nature of things. 

Students come to realise how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (a term coined by the philosopher Aristotle). By realising how little things can turn out to frame a bigger picture, students utilize what they KNOW to plan new frameworks.

 How can other CBSE Schools in Coimbatore try this out in their classroom?

By dismantling something! Regardless of whether it’s a physical item, a book, a thought or an object of beautiful craftsmanship, allow for the dismantling of the various parts and let students of CBSE Schools in Coimbatore observe how things work together.

By undertaking this intense-thinking activity, they will be impelled to consider the reason for the various parts and take stock of the data they find.

Taking inspiration from others and thinking together

Have the students of your CBSE Schools in Coimbatore take a close, minute look at an article or picture. Allow the kids individually then to state one thing they observed about that object. Without rehashing they can add on to what a classmate has previously said. 

Consider what the students of Best School in Coimbatore have observed – Have the observations been equivalent or have they been unique?

What you will see is that these sorts of ordinary encounters become ground-breaking ones in a classroom setting. When students are asked to observe something as a group, it creates fervour especially when students build on what others have stated. Frequently, students of CBSE School in Coimbatore will share something that will start new reasoning queries or shed light on a fact that others might not have observed.

Education that goes beyond books – CBSE School in Coimbatore

In this information overload age that our youngsters are up to speed in, we at Reeds World School believe that we’ve been entrusted with the opportunity of enabling young minds to experience vivid, immersive education. And by delivering a holistic form of education, we aim to help our students grow scholastically, intellectually, and in time become adept 21st citizens. 

At Reeds World School, we believe that specific qualities can be delivered in a versatile, impelled, intellectually dynamic environment!

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