How Schools Can Engage Students During Online Classes

Thousands of schools around the globe have been affected by COVID-19, and the Indian education system is no exception. The country has over 1.5 billion students, all forced to shift from learning inside the classroom to watching their teachers from their phones or laptops.

And while online learning is safer and more convenient in the middle of a global pandemic, this structure has presented one issue: the lack of engagement. Even the top-ranking schools have struggled with increasing learner engagement.

So what are some ways to solve this problem? Here are some things new CBSE schools in Coimbatore do to increase participation during online classes:

  • Using interactive educational materials

Schools in the 21st century need to embrace technology rather than stray away from it. Numerous digital resources can help make learning more engaging, such as educational videos, virtual whiteboards, and video conference platforms like Zoom.

These tools will help bridge the gap between generations, encouraging young learners to use their knowledge in technology to improve their school performance.

  • Encouraging group work

Group activities are just as effective online as in a physical classroom. They can help save time, minimising the need to instruct students one-on-one over a slow internet connection.

One exciting group activity involves breakout discussions, where a class is divided into small discussion groups with a moderator. Then, the students have to answer guided questions about a topic, making a large group more manageable for teachers.

Other group activities that can help increase student engagement are the jigsaw technique, think-pair-share, and brainwriting.

  • Providing regular feedback

Online classes can make it hard for a teacher to communicate with a student individually. To avoid this issue, the instructor must provide frequent feedback and set achievable goals according to the student’s needs.

For instance, if a learner fails an assignment, teachers can give them more time to repeat the activity within a reasonable deadline. As a parent, you should also talk to your child’s teacher if they are struggling with a topic or project.


Thankfully, many new CBSE schools in Coimbatore have quickly adapted to online learning. You can enrol your child in the top-ranking CBSE schools in Coimbatore and be sure that they receive the best possible education, in the classroom or at home!


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