Top Methods for Supporting Your Children with Their Homework

Homework is one of the most crucial activities students must do, when enrolled in CBSE affiliated schools in Coimbatore. A study by Hill, Spenser, Alston and Fitzgerald in 1986 stated that homework was positively linked to a student’s achievement, indicating that it’s a means to enhance academic preparation. However, with the increasing pressure to improve test scores, the emphasis on homework increases, too.

Are your kids having a hard time with their homework?

Children may spend too much time with their homework every night and weekend, but sometimes, they may not get anything from it. That’s a sign that they may be overwhelmed. If your kids attend one of the top-ranking CBSE schools in Coimbatore, you’ll want to examine their habits to identify their homework woes and the root of the problem. From there, you can support your child in the following ways:

Determine how much time your kids should be spending on their homework

There are no exact rules on how much homework students should have. But some guidelines can help determine if it’s just right or too much.

The 10-minute rule is the most common guideline stating that a child must have around ten minutes of homework per night for every grade they’re in. For instance, a first-grader should have an average of 10 minutes, a second-grader an average of 20 minutes, and so on. 

Some new CBSE schools in Coimbatore, including advanced work classes, may require more homework than usual. Consider checking the school’s homework policy explaining the amount of tasks students must do.

Create a homework area and a regular study time

Have a homework-friendly area in your home. It should be a well-lit place, away from distractions and complete with the supplies your kids will need to work. Identify every child’s best times to study and do homework. Some kids work best early in the morning or after dinner, and some may do well in the afternoon after playing and enjoying a snack.

Help establish good study habits and plans.

Top-ranking CBSE schools in Coimbatore may sometimes provide too much homework. In that case, encourage your kids to take frequent and manageable breaks, such as 15 minutes for every hour they spend doing a task. If necessary, set a work schedule for the evening or weekend.

Respect their study habits

Children have different learning styles. Some prefer to study in a group while others want to do it alone. Some kids may also work more efficiently with background noise, like music.

Minimise distractions at home

That means no loud music, phone calls, and TV. If your kids must use a computer, phone, or table to research, supervise them or install apps that would prevent them from accessing websites that can distract them while doing homework.

Don’t spoonfeed

It may be tempting to help your children with your homework, but don’t go overboard that you end up doing everything yourself or giving all the answers they need. Remember, they won’t learn well if they don’t make mistakes or don’t think for themselves. Instead, you can make suggestions and direct them from time to time.

Encourage asking for help

Some kids may feel pressured and embarrassed to ask for help. Let them know it’s okay to seek guidance and assistance when they’re unsure about something or don’t know what to do. Make yourself available for concerns and questions, and don’t shun them away when they approach you for help.

Praise and reward accordingly

Praise and reward can provide positive reinforcement and motivate kids to do their best. They make children feel appreciated, too. You could even motivate them with simple rewards, such as letting them spend extra time playing games.

Talk to their teachers

There have many good reasons to be proud of sending your children to one of the top ranking CBSE schools in Coimbatore. The CBSE curriculum helps develop holistic individuals through co-scholastic activities and applies an integrated approach to instil the best values. Moreover, it allows children to develop technical and skilful knowledge, giving them an edge in engineering and medicine career paths. All engineering and medicine competitive exams are set by CBSE, with a syllabus based on NCERT books, which students study.

New CBSE schools in Coimbatore are student-centred and student-friendly to make learning fun for young minds while encouraging innovation. However, the curriculum may be challenging for some kids from another school board. Children who have recently transferred to a new school may still be in the process of adjusting, making homework overwhelming for them.

Some kids may also have trouble doing homework because they may need glasses or have an attention disorder. CBSE affiliated schools in Coimbatore have skilled teachers ready to help you support your kids with their homework. They might be able to give helpful suggestions, too, so don’t hesitate to talk to them about your concerns.

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