Life skills are vital for surviving in the rapidly changing world. These abilities can help one build more confidence, self-awareness, and responsibility, so kids need to develop these skills before going to school.

Essential life skills every child must learn before attending the top-ranking CBSE schools in Coimbatore

  • Health and hygiene

Children should be taught to look after themselves. They need to learn skills such as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, and washing their hands as early as possible.

You can set up a checklist for these daily tasks until they get used to the routine, preparing them to wake up in the morning and attend school.

  • Time-management

Kids with no time-management skills will find it difficult to survive in top-ranking CBSE schools in Coimbatore. These schools run on strict schedules, so make sure your kids understand why balancing work, play, and rest is vital. Consider teaching your kids how to measure time using colour-coded planners and calendars to make learning more fun.

  • Decision-making

Decisions can be as small as choosing what outfit to wear or as significant as picking the best school for your child. Even adults sometimes have trouble making choices, so imagine how difficult it must be for kids. Conversely, children need to learn the art and science of decision-making early on; so they are confident about making choices later in life.

Start them off with small choices, such as picking between two kinds of cereal for breakfast. Then, you can introduce the concept of rewards and consequences when they make a bad decision. This will help them learn how to make good choices using their critical thinking skills.

  • Money management

Most people don’t learn how to budget until they earn their own money. You as a parent may even experience some trouble dealing with your child’s CBSE school fees in Coimbatore if you don’t factor it into your budget.

Money management is one skill that must be taught right from the start. This way, your child can become more financially literate in the future, spending on their needs before their wants.You can give your child their very own piggy bank where they can keep their savings and introduce money once they learn more about maths.

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