What Are the Ranges of CBSE School Fees in Coimbatore?

How much is too much when you’re paying for education? Of course, free public schooling is always an option, but for many parents, it’s worth investing in private tutoring to ensure that their children get the best quality of instruction from highly-rated private institutions. If you belong to this group, you are probably looking for information on CBSE school fees in Coimbatore in 2022.

The factors affecting CBSE school fees in Coimbatore

Generally, top CBSE school fees in Coimbatore can range from INR 36,550 to INR 66,300, depending on your child’s grade level. You may also need to pay additional fees for admissions, books, and uniforms outside of the regular cost of tuition.

Many factors affect how much a CBSE school charges, including the following:

  • Faculty and staff

Top CBSE schools invest in their faculty. They pay their teachers well and ensure that they get the support they need. A large part of your child’s tuition fees will go to the faculty’s salary, aiding their professional development to improve their quality of instruction.

The tuition fee also goes to paying other professionals who keep the school safe and running smoothly, including security guards, nurses, maintenance staff, and dorm parents if your child goes to a residential school.

  • Facilities and utilities

The quality of the school’s classrooms, laboratories, and outdoor areas play a significant role in your child’s overall development. For instance, classrooms equipped with audio-visual learning tools can increase engagement and collaboration.

But of course, these facilities wouldn’t last long without proper maintenance. Hence, a part of your child’s school fees will go to the preservation, cleaning, and repairing of permanent structures. Additionally, the school pays for utility bills for water and electricity consumption. Plus, if the school has Wi-Fi, research equipment, and transportation, they are factored into the school fees.

  • Extracurricular activities

Some schools stop at providing traditional education inside the classroom, which isn’t enough for the holistic development of a child. But higher-ranking institutions make sure to provide co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities on top of their academic programmes. This means that you might be required to pay for some activities, such as professional sports coaching and college prep programmes.


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