The Importance of Extracurricular Activities in a Kid’s Life

While searching articles on how to educate children the best way today, you must have read about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences tells us that kids have unique ways of learning and different levels of intelligence. This is applicable in language, logic, numbers, sports and dance, spatial judgment, music, interpersonal communication, intrapersonal reflection, and naturalistic understanding of the world. Thus, we should give our children every opportunity to develop whichever intelligence they thrive and excel in. Hence, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools in Coimbatore design learning programs that facilitate and support all types of intelligence. These programs encourage children to pursue their dreams and passions and give them options not limited to engineering, medicine, management, or finance. It also empowers them to explore possibilities of becoming singers or football players and that they can cook, dance, or do martial arts as their careers. This paradigm shift is the best way to foster a child’s growth. You will notice that the programs in the top school in Coimbatore CBSE give importance to extracurricular activities. Allowing the kids to participate in activities that they are interested in outside the classroom can help develop multiple intelligences. Children can engage in a team or do individual sports and join clubs associated with interests and cultural backgrounds that hone their critical thinking, creativity, and social-emotional intelligence. Extracurricular activities also allow the students to manage their time, communicate, self-correct, and set goals that they can achieve. Enrolling your children in the top CBSE schools in Coimbatore gives them a learning environment that is supportive and affirming of their dreams. They have excellent academic and extracurricular programs that maximize your child’s potential to prepare them to excel in whichever field they proceed in the future.

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