How Schools must be digitally equipped to overcome crisis like COVID-19?

Not so long ago, as COVID-19 spread its tentacles across the globe, classrooms of the best school in Coimbatore were closed up and academicians started looking for ways to ensure that learning moves to the web. 

To ensure the wellbeing & health of students and likewise, make certain that there were no gaping disruptions in the academic calendar, the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore proactively attempted to move quickly to online exercise plans. 

But of course, this is not to say that the transition has been impediment-free for all schools – for the challenges of broadband connectivity and other such run-in’s, have left numerous students incapable of connecting with their new virtual classrooms. 

While many CBSE schools in Coimbatore responded with quick interventions, the precise number of schools and students that have made the transition to online learning is still an evolving number since the crisis is changing rapidly and there is lack of data on the number of schools that have gone digital.

The question of ‘if’ versus ‘when’ for digitally connected schools 

For many school authorities over the world, there’s a brief period left to get ready and for every student of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore that’s missing class, there’s a lull, a pause in time that’s never coming back. 

Be that as it may, the reality is that the epidemic situation is afoot and the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore that had taken to digitization in their classrooms well in advance are finding little or no lag in their education plans. 

For you see, tech-enabled, seamlessly computerized, virtual classrooms are by nature, highly malleable, adaptable learning spaces that are capable of yielding better than expected learning outcomes.

Challenges – There’s quite a few of those. Best CBSE schools in Coimbatore

While the advantages of being a digitally connected school are quite a few, there are challenges aplenty too – Especially for those students who do not have reliable internet access. 

In this case, parents and best CBSE schools in Coimbatore are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring a supply of smartphone hotspots so that students can continue to study. 

Needless to say, the technicalities are yet a moving target and parents & the best schools in Coimbatore are doing everything in their capacities to iron out the kinks.

Over and above this, there is another challenge that demands consideration-

With the shutting of schools and progressing to virtual learning as a basic measure for checking the spread of the infection, academicians concur that the change to digitization on a macro level won’t be as simple. 

Aside from the numerous difficulties listed above, there are a large number of low-income students that simply have no access to basic internet facilities, leave alone compatible gadgetry.

What comes across clearly as a challenge for this segment is that a great many of our nation’s youngsters live, at present, without basic internet providers. Even if we’re to assume that they have some basic level of access to a wired broadband service at home, it’s possible that their connectivity plans aren’t adequate for taking on a virtual classroom.

Doing the best that each of us can – Best CBSE school in Coimbatore

As the COVID-19 situation develops, one can only hope for the best and keep the faith for a healthier tomorrow for everyone. Needless to say, at Reeds World School (the best school in Coimbatore), we regard the health of all of God’s beings to be of utmost priority.

To that end, we’d like to suggest that you rigorously follow and implement for your children virus avoidance techniques especially the ‘’Stay at home, stay safe’’ policy. 

 Additionally, we’ve compiled a guideline of hand-washing techniques that you as a parent can implement for your children and yourself.

Best CBSE School in Coimbatore - Reeds World School

 Guarantee your hand-washing technique incorporates the following-

 – Wash hands using soap and water for 20 seconds.
 – Ensure to wash the palms, back of each hand, between fingers, thumbs and under nail areas.
– Close the tap when you’re lathering the soap on your hands. 
– Utilize a hand sanitizer that contains 60 percent alcohol if soap and water are not accessible.

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