How Students Can Overcome Exam Fear and Stress

The best CBSE schools in Coimbatore are the best for a reason. Their learning environments are incredibly competitive, urging students to perform exceptionally in exams and competitions. But pressure can make students nervous during exams, possibly leading to failure and poor results.

How can I help my child overcome their fear of failure in the best CBSE school near me?

This is a common question among parents, and here are a few tips that may help your child:

  • Start with a game plan

A good plan can help students organise their thoughts and ensure they don’t miss out on crucial tasks. Some popular preparation strategies include making study guides and flashcards, outlining material, and developing concept maps for specific topics. These techniques can help your kids feel more confident about their exams, giving them enough time to address their weak points.

  • Time management is vital

Getting stuck on a difficult topic can be discouraging. It causes some students to quit and wait until the next day to study. This is a habit they must avoid at all costs. It’s essential to start revising as soon as possible, preparing for at least three days before the exam.

  • Get enough rest

Starting early also means your child can go through more material without feeling too pressured to finish. This gives them enough time to take breaks and even get at least eight hours of sleep. Otherwise, answering an exam without the proper rest or nutrition will increase fatigue and limit cognitive function.

  • Use effective note-taking techniques

Lastly, your child must read and understand all the topics in their exams. This requires them to listen carefully during class and take high-yield notes, saving time once they’re ready to revise.

Some expert note-taking techniques include writing phrases rather than complete sentences, using coloured pens or highlighters, and structuring notes with headings, subheadings, and lists.


Am I ready to send my child to the best CBSE school near me?

Once your kids overcome their fear of exams, there’s no doubt that they’ll excel in the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore. So, prepare them well and provide all the encouragement they need!


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