Things Parents Should Note While Their Kids Are Growing

Support from parents helps children do well in curricular and extracurricular activities. While children are growing, the form of support they need even changes. They will need support in things they do at home, school activities, and interests outside school and at home.

To facilitate your child’s growth and development well, here are three things that you should note as a parent:

The child’s self-esteem

Children start to develop their self-esteem as they grow by how they see themselves in their environment and the kind of responses that they get from people around them. Verbal appreciation will help them gain confidence, and encouraging them to do things themselves  will make them feel capable and strong.

If you notice your kids being less confident and unsure of doing things that interest them, it might be good to give their environment a check. Has anyone belittled or compared them to other children?

Response to discipline

Discipline is necessary for the child to grow well. Proper discipline helps children learn acceptable behaviours and develop self-control.

Parents can employ different methods of discipline, but there is no single method that fits all children. Hence, parents should note how the child responds to discipline and be willing to adjust their style if necessary. The goal is not to limit your children’s actions but should be to help them understand rules and consequences, set and follow expectations, and develop respect and self-control.

The child’s role models

Children learn by watching and following the people who spend the most time with them. They take cues from them and take them as role models.

Apart from the parents at home, children spend most of their time with teachers and classmates at school. If you want your child to see models with respectful, friendly, honest, and kind traits, you should take school consideration for your child seriously.

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Your child’s best interest should be a priority, and while parenting can be difficult, teachers in CBSE schools in Coimbatore have your back.

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