How to keep your kids engaged their free time?

Reeds world school (best schools in Coimbatore )have started their online classes due to the current situation. The school has been taking steps to teach with different techniques and approaches so that the students learn effectively.The thought of staying at home with kids during the Covid-19 lockdown has built up a certain level of stress for parents. Boredom has many benefits for everyone in the family including opportunities for creativity and imagination. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of free time.

Children are the most vulnerable section of society right now as schools across the country are closed and they are forced to be at home day in and day out.

They are free-spirited and like to go out and play and interact with their mates. They dislike staying indoors too long. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the parents to stay children engaged during lockdown with productive quarantine activities.

Here are a few activities that you can do as a family during COVID -19

Artsy stuff like painting or drawing

Art projects can keep some kids occupied for hours. However, if this is often to be an independent activity, children should be ready to do most of the setup and pack up on their own. So keep it simple! For younger children do projects that do not require cutting otherwise you can do the cutting beforehand. For the youngest kids, this might be as simple as colouring. If mess doesn’t bother you, then let your little one have fun with paint and crayons! Give your kids poster board and paints and let them create their masterpieces! And, if the mess does bother you much then you can give them paint ice cubes. Whether it’s the dead of winter or in the middle of summer, you just need to give them bowls, paint ice cubes, cups, and spoons.

One of the best schools in Coimbatore recommend Book reading. One of the activities recommended by one of the best schools in Coimbatore, though many kids younger than 8 can read, for reading to be an independent activity child have to get to a certain level of proficiency in English. However, many wordless or nearly wordless books will engage kids of all ages and reading levels. And these are an excellent place to start out because if you send a reluctant or struggling reader off to read something difficult while you’re employed.

So to encourage reading, let kids choose several books from the reeds world school library. Plus, pick a couple of yourself just in case they’re unhappy with their choices later. Better to return some unread than to not have a good book on hand when needed. If you have an e-reader or tablet, that’s great, but having some old-fashioned books on hand may encourage browsing, which can turn into reading.

Educational Games

If you’ve got a computer or tablet available to your kids during work hours, educational computer games impart a touch learning and a few fun at an equivalent time. These games keep kids thinking and that keeps boredom at bay.

Consider setting a time limit in advance on electronic games, even educational ones, because kids can find it hard to disengage from their screens. And honestly, as a parent, it’s easy to let this quiet time for you to travel on longer than it should. Kids need a good sort of activities to really learn to play independently so an excessive amount of time ahead of a screen can run counter to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Creating a Story

This is not something you can mandate or count on, but when it happens, it’s a beautiful thing. Younger kids are naturals at this, creating elaborate fantasies with stuffed animals or action figures. With older kids, you’ll encourage imagination by suggesting they produce a play or write a story. Also along these same lines — in that it’s difficult to compel but wonderful when it happens — are playing with pets or making music.

Give them chores.

This isn’t a popular option but can be good for them. If you are going to wash the kitchen, have your children clean their rooms. Not only will you get time to do your job, but your kids will learn that they have a role in keeping the house clean, too.

Keeping little ones occupied is tough, but trying new activities for kids will get them used to play independently.

Build a fort

Give your child a couple of pillows and a blanket, and challenge them to show the couch into a fort. No child will turn down the chance to make a secret base—and they’ll be much more likely to play independently once they’re inside.

These are a few activities which suggested by One of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, reeds world School.

MD- The thought of staying at home with kids during the Covid-19 lockdown has built up a certain level of stress to the kids of one best school in Coimbatore 

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