How We Integrate Technology into Our School Curriculum

The education sector was a field reliant on books and traditional classrooms. But this is no longer the case. The best schools are now taking serious advantage of advanced technology. The top ten CBSE schools in Coimbatore are equipped with the latest programs and facilities, including Reeds World School.

How our school in Coimbatore is integrating technology into our curriculum

  • Traditional classrooms

Traditional classrooms have slowly evolved from only using blackboards to incorporating educational equipment. For instance, our classrooms at Reeds World School are fitted with digital projectors, allowing teachers to supplement their lessons with PowerPoint presentations and graphics.

Moreover, all our classrooms are well-ventilated and have large windows that encourage natural light to enter, helping increase a student’s ability to focus while lowering energy costs. 

  • Specialty classrooms

Of course, a 21st-century school in Coimbatore would not be complete without specialty rooms for computer and science classes. The computer labs at Reeds World School are equipped with several desktop setups to accommodate numerous students, helping kids learn more about modern technology.

In addition, we have dedicated laboratories for chemistry, physics, and biology classes. Our labs feature the latest tools and equipment that will encourage students to conduct more research and experiments, including advanced microscopes, test tubes and beakers, and appropriate washing and chemical disposal areas.

  • Gathering hall

Does your child love to perform in front of an audience? Don’t worry—we have the facilities to support their passion as well. Our gathering hall features a stage with a digital projector and speakers, perfect for extensive discussions and talent showcases. 

  • Sports facilities

Educational technology isn’t just found inside the classroom. For a more holistic learning experience, we maintain and update our sports facilities regularly. Reeds World School offers excellent athletic programs for all sports, including badminton, volleyball, and basketball.

Would you like to learn more about the facilities and equipment in Coimbatore’s top ten CBSE schools? Visit Reeds World School with your child so you can decide if we are the right place for your family!