Roles and responsibilities of parents during Covid-19

Healthy, Happy Parenting even during the Covid-19 epidemic – Best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

With the advent of the pandemic, families were suddenly thrown headlong into dealing with a new situation – That of spending every waking hour with the family, all the while being cooped up in the house together.

Additionally, with the coming of this challenge, family members were required to step into new, dynamic roles as parents, teachers, and employees all at the same time. True enough, COVID-19 has worked to fundamentally change our daily lives as we knew it!

Notwithstanding this, as your family enters this new normal phase of life, consider the bite-sized tips we’ve put together to help you and your kids endure and thrive in this time of uncertainty. As always, each of our tips is steeped in the science of child development and healthy life-skill development that we know readies kids for life. 

Presenting below, tips from one of the best schools in Coimbatore – Reeds World School :

1.Making a plan

If there’s one thing that the students of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, young children and adults thrive on, it is routines. They ground us and give a sense of consistency – both of which are welcome feelings especially during the prevailing epidemic crisis.

For children, routines are essential in fostering inter-familial connectivity, aiding in the development of academic & social skills, and boosting of health & wellness. And as parents and caregivers, the most important thing we can do for our kids during these times of transition and change is to maintain routines.

At Reeds World School, best CBSE School in Coimbatore, we believe that parents should go into this new, post epidemic reality, with a plan. For students of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, young children and even adults, we encourage the setting of daily goals that are in line with individual aspirations and responsibilities. And to that end, the introduction of the Self-Directed Learning Cycle might be just the thing. 

With the Self-Directed Learning Cycle, family members are encouraged to make a plan, put it into action, and grow as individuals.

2. Getting the kids involved

During this situation, you don’t need to be a superhero and implement the complete ‘homeschool’ model by yourself. Empower the kids by making them a part of the process instead. What do they want to learn and do while stationed at home? What academic work can they get ahead on? And what fun can be built in?

Collaboration—along with creativity, critical thinking, and communication—are some of the most important skills students of the best schools in Coimbatore can learn for leading fulfilled lives as adults. And now in this lockdown, you get to do it with them.

Find ways to encourage teamwork: have your kids plan a day or activity or do a family project together!

3. Putting technology to work

Schoolwork is a given, but there’s also another, better way for kids to acquire knowledge — through encouraging their innate curiosity.

When we enable kids to follow their curiosities and interests, they acquire much more knowledge by themselves and more importantly, get better at learning. Besides, lifelong learning is a virtuous cycle—so what better way to get inspired than while being cooped up?

To get started with this, harness the power of multimedia learning, documentaries or Google search scavenger hunts. Alternatively, arranging video chat interviews with family and friends or taking virtual trips to museums are some of the ways your kids can fire up their curiosities. Consider creating a Family Media Plan to manage screen time.

4. Practice mindfulness and reflect

Mindfulness, the practice of becoming more aware of one’s moods and thoughts, enables students of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore to build their resilience and manage stress. As is known, the coronavirus outbreak has heightened stress and anxiety for many, including children.

However, you can help your kids calm their anxieties by implementing mindfulness strategies including meditation, movement, and journaling. A “Mindful Moment” at the beginning of each day can not only decrease stress but also bring the family closer.

Try adding a moment of reflection at the end of each day as well. During this time, your family can reflect on the day and set the stage for an even better tomorrow. Research shows that reflection boosts productivity and enables learning & growth.

5. Explore interests

As your family makes its plan, consider opportunities for developing your kids’ sense of purpose. Purposeful kids “exhibit high degrees of persistence, resourcefulness, resilience, and capacity for healthy risk-taking,” research shows.

Purpose begins with understanding one’s strengths & skills and interests & passions and aligning them with what the world needs. You can help your kids explore their purpose by understanding and tuning in to the kind of things they like to do.

Let’s say, your child’s eyes light up when he/she is involved in some particular activity – Use that as an opportunity to delve into that feeling. What was it that sparked their curiosity? How else could they explore that interest?

Additionally, at Reeds World School – CBSE Schools in Coimbatore, we’ve consistently attempted to recommend to our school’s parents (much before the lockdown started), the concept of implementing a “Purpose Board” in the house. This board is one way of getting the whole family involved with a “Purpose” and it has proven to be a great motivator for encouraging without overwhelming.

To get started with this, all you have to do is hang up a billboard and have each loved one add their comments or hang their handmade pieces of art on it. Each time a loved one enjoys an activity or feels that spark of inspiration, have them note it on the Purpose Board. At the end of the week, review it as a family to get a deeper understanding of each individual and your family as a whole.

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