Six Traits Of A Good Learner That A Student Can Inculcate

Even though talented educators, open learning environs and a time-tested pedagogy enable a great learning atmosphere, yet academicians are progressively finding that what students bring to the schoolroom matters to such an extent – or more – than what the classroom can present to them. 

 The question that begs to be asked then is, what makes children perform with flying colors in school? Or what makes him/her score high grades in exams?

  As a parent, you might be tempted to make standard inferences such as – Full attendance, high IQ, regular instructional classes with interactive multimedia for an engaged learning outcome, a top-rated school with an eminent panel of academicians, and an inventive educational program.

 Albeit every one of these factors lends a hand, the enigma of immersive learning is safely locked in an unexpected place – within the child itself!  

Say it again, will you?

 Yes, children indeed hold the key to an immersive learning experience. 

 At Reeds World School, our over two-decade-long experience as academicians has taught us that youngsters with the mentality and demeanor that is ‘’open’’ to imbue learning can & will prosper even in an average school. 

 Children who carry a ‘’closed’’ outlook that hampers knowledge acquisition may be unreceptive to learning effectively even with the best educational program. 

Unlock with the right key

 In the ‘fast food, fast learn, forgotten forever’ way of life that our children are caught up in, we at Reeds World School believe that education needn’t go the ‘fast’ ‘express’ way. This is why we believe that academicians and educators have a great role to play in opening the minds of children to an immersive, absorbing learning experience – One that beckons children to acquire knowledge of their own accord! 

 By invoking the innate curiosity that children naturally possess, it has been our experience with the kids studying at Reeds World School that certain attributes can be brought forth in an adaptive, actuated, mentally active environment.  

 What makes a good learner 

 At Reeds World School we attempt to invoke the following basic characteristics in all our children so that they may learn immersively in our classrooms, use throughout their everyday life and keep with them even in their grown-up years- 

 Constructive channeling of their interest:

 By making an adaptive learning environment that is intriguing and dynamic (as opposed to inactive reasoning), we make certain to empower our children’s natural inquisitiveness by encouraging an Experiential learning process. 

 To do this, we make field trips and visits to interesting places that pique their curiosity as a mandatory part of the curriculum. Other than this, our teachers and educators introduce fresh concepts related to STEM and show them objects that encourage them to ask questions. 

Seek and you shall find – Creativity

Applying creativity to discover answers for issues is a quality that ought to be nurtured in adolescence. When children have every one of their wants fulfilled without having to raise even their little finger, as most kids nowadays typically do, they are not called upon to be creative.  

 What’s more, access to the smartphone, the Web and a host of applications readily available is advantageous, however not supportive in developing creativity in kids.  

 At Reeds World School, we work tirelessly to sustain this characteristic in our school’s youngsters. A few, carefully thought-out exercises that assist children to be clever and creative ensure that they use their motor skills, grey matter, and their ingenuity. As educators, we engage them with activities that dare them to make new uses for discarded articles or solve mind-game puzzles that call on them to use their imagination, thereby invoking their creativity and inventiveness. 


You might be surprised by this one, but self-restraint for children is more important than you think.  

 Numerous renowned researches have demonstrated that a youngsters’ capacity to control their ‘’whims’’ seems to prompt better well being and composed satisfaction in later life.  

 Additionally, it is a fact that rather than being reactionary, great learners tune in, assimilate and reflect. They learn to manage their emotions through troublesome patches in their lives, deal with their time well and maintain composure. Youngsters who yell out the impulsive responses that first come to their minds don’t make for great learners.

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