What Happens to Student Behavior When Schools Prioritize Art


Many people outside the school environment tend to judge a school, any school based on the behaviours and attitude of students and their future career they land. Everyone keeps a tab. And yes, marks and scores also play an influential role. 

Of that, we come to the conclusion that either the system is good or bad. We blame the system immediately not the students. Endpoint, change in students comes from a change in the system. 

That is something that Reeds World School, known to be the Best School in Coimbatore has realized a long time ago. Most of the schools, especially CBSE schools in Coimbatore, and other areas have been working towards improving the quality of school education.

The outcome resulted in focusing on revamping the school curriculum and adding more art-based creative activities into the school life. 


This enabled students to come out of their shells and indulge themselves in creative activities. This makes them discover their strengths and weakness on their own. A sense of joy and control is what a student experiences when he finishes it successfully. 

Students then become confident and learn to love their time at school and take on more such challenges. 

This approach gives students, the power as individuals. Thus, it pushes their boundaries and in turn equips them to perform well in all academic spheres. 


Innovative schools are everywhere. They are breaking the mould of the traditional convention. They are working to meet the best interests of students, parents, and communities. 

That is one of the reasons why Reeds World School is known to be the Best School in Coimbatore. We not only focus on making great students, but we also focus on teachers as well. Teachers with a vision are naturally inclined to work together. They make miracles happen. That is the purpose of visionary leadership. 

Teachers are willing to make the new changes that are needed to promote the collective success of everyone in their surroundings. They have the right powers of leadership that can transform a failing school into a hot spot of innovation and inclusion that benefits everyone it touches.


Students seek constant attention all the time, no matter the age. Students’ behaviour started changing in a positive manner when the curriculum was revamped by adding art subjects. No longer does a student has to misbehave to grab the attention he/she seeks. 

Some students who perform better in an academic subject tend to flex his/her creative muscle in these art-based subjects. This gives them the platform to enhance their unused capabilities.

Being the Best School in Coimbatore, Reeds World School takes the same approach by creating a dynamic environment for such students to find their innate capabilities. 


Grades do matter, but they do not matter more than the student. With a focus on art-based subjects, students are enabled to see a different perspective of their school and class peers. Thus, they learn to accept the differences between them. 

When students are given the freedom to paint the walls of the school or their classroom as per their interests, the entire class comes together to collaborate. Here, teamwork plays a major role and an underperforming student might come up and guide his team in creating the canvas.

Such activities show the students that their school is friendly and flexible. And that they matter too. Students then start appreciating their school’s effort towards their upbringing. This creates a healthy environment where students thrive naturally. 


The innovative school focuses on bringing about change in students’ behaviour and also focuses on reinvigorating the school culture as a whole. Such schools buy new instruments, invite artists to come and work with children, and run creative workshops. These give students a fresh dose of enthusiasm in a more stimulating environment. They bring about a sense of ownership by the children.

The transformation of a school doesn’t depend on any change in laws or regulations being passed. All it takes is for leadership to take place. A  leader with a vision is enough to make it happen, no matter the designation.

A true leader sees beyond the conventional school habits and brings about the change. As many of us have rightly guessed, the problem is not usually the students, it is the system. The right change in the system in the right ways makes many of the problems of poor behaviours, attitudes, motivation, and disengagements tend to disappear.  

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