What Suggestions Do You Have for Improving Lunch at Your School?

Does the thought of your child eating junk food at school bother you? Are you worried about the health and nutrition of the lunch at the school cafeteria? Understandably, your answer is most likely an emphatic ‘yes’ to all these questions, isn’t it? Well, we’re certain that most CBSE Schools in Coimbatore might’ve given this subject as much thought as you have.

In our article, we’re discussing exactly how unique the lunch program can be and how interested the kids are going to be in it. Without further ado, let’s get talking…

How can I make my school lunch better? – The question facing CBSE Schools in Coimbatore

A far cry from what lunches at the school cafeteria used to be earlier, lunch programs nowadays include Pizza’s and processed foods that don’t count for much by way of nutritional value. On the other hand, among the CBSE Schools in Coimbatore, the ones that have attempted to offer wholegrain wheat products or wholesome food products in their program have met with resistance from the kids themselves. 

As is known, most schools do face a progression of guidelines both on a national, on a local and a regional level too. But they’re also expected to toe the line with children’s preferences. So the challenge for most Schools in Coimbatore is that of thinking out an ideal lunch plan comprising of an interesting menu, while at the same time meeting the guidelines. 

A tall order? 

We’re finding out, stay with us…

How can I improve the school cafeteria? – A tell-all guide for CBSE Schools in Coimbatore 

 It’s incredibly heartening to see parents get amped up for initiating changes in their child’s school lunch program. Likewise, the active participation by concerned PTA members and food & nourishment related school leadership authorities’ means positive change is just around the corner.

Now, before we discuss the how-to’s, let’s understand how the process for revising a school’s lunch program should begin, shall we?

Before approaching the school’s authorities or PTA members, it’s wise to get some prep work in order. Request for an appointment with the overseers who are associated with nourishment related matters and ask how the procedure works. Enquire about the challenges that they’re facing. Ask how you (as parents) can help out. 

 It’s possible that the Schools in Coimbatore your child is enrolled in, have already begun rolling out improved menu changes but upon enquiring, it’s possible they’d appreciate some help – So do ask. 

With that in place, here’s how to begin with the lunchroom revamp- 


 If the authorities in Schools in Coimbatore approve, starting a school kitchen nursery can be a great place to begin. Get the school’s students together and form a school lunch program group. 

The group then becomes involved in activities related to the school garden, be it by way of tending to it, soliciting more volunteers or employing new techniques of horticulture. To acquaint them with the nuts and bolts of agriculture, think of introducing a non-compulsory course that will get them interested. 

 Do remember, the more involved the students are in the school kitchen nursery process, the more they will cultivate a feeling of proprietorship in the program. 

Also, the nourishment created will help save some of the school spending on food and enable the children to know where vegetables are grown. 


At Reeds World School (Best School in Coimbatore), we’ve observed that when children are given time to acclimate to changes in the cafeteria, they are less likely to fuss over the new menu. 

For CBSE Schools in Coimbatore wanting to implement a revised lunch program, think of stage-wise changes. Start by presenting a couple of new things on more than one occasion per month. Ensure the culinary advancements remain intriguing by offering alternate renditions on a week after week premise. 

This slow but steady methodology keeps adolescents excited about the revamped lunch program and gives them something to anticipate.

It’s likewise simpler on the schools spending plans and stock administration.


The serving of mixed greens and salads are generally a fantastic, no-fail method of getting the kids to eat healthy. But, because the raw materials for a simple plate of mixed greens can get expensive, think of imaginative ways of subsidizing or sourcing salads from a wholesaler.

To decrease squander, Reeds World School (Best School in Coimbatore), has posted signs discouraging unnecessary wastages.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and so, start with dishes that children enjoy eating. Overhaul the menu in a phased-out manner and be prepared to make revisions as you go along. Work out a menu that improvises on students’ top choices and make them healthier by introducing exciting versions with different vegetables and fruits. Give the students a lot of assortment as well. 

At Reeds World School, we believe that even simple changes such as salad introductions, vegetable mixes, and interesting dip recipes a few times each week should draw the children in. Additionally, we recommend supplanting fried products with oven-baked veggies and snacks that avoid the use of refined flour and use whole grain wheat products instead.

Do remember that collaboration is key and at the point when everybody cooperates in making the school lunch program healthier, students will benefit from it the most. Of course, it’ll take persistence to redesign the present menu; however, the outcomes merit the persistence!

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