What Is the Right Age to Start Preschool for Kids?

Is your little one ready to attend the top schools in Coimbatore? Generally, kids start going to preschool at around two and a half to three years old. That said, it’s important to remember that each child develops differently. To decide whether your child is ready for preschool or not, here are a few factors to watch out for:

  • Following simple directions

The great thing about sending your child to preschool is that they can develop some skills you won’t be able to teach at home. However, some top schools in Coimbatore with CBSE still expect kids to follow simple instructions. This is an ability that parents must teach first

Luckily, these directions aren’t all that complicated. Just make sure your child knows how to clean up after themselves, follow schedules, and walk in lines with their classmates.

  • Speaking skills

Three-year-old children should be able to start speaking in simple sentences, with a verbal dictionary of about 300 words. Moreover, they are expected to hear and understand what other people say.

If your child is showing signs of speech and language delays, it’s best to talk to their paediatrician before enrolling them in a top school in Coimbatore with CBSE. Some common symptoms to look out for include poor pronunciation or articulation and difficulty following directions.

  • Potty training

Unfortunately, many preschool parents fail to consider their child’s toilet readiness, leaving teachers to deal with an un-potty-trained child. You should ensure your little one has an idea of self-care to avoid embarrassment, including using the toilet, zipping their pants, and washing their hands.


One last thing to consider before enrolling your child in a top school in Coimbatore is separation anxiety. If your little one is used to spending time with you at home, you must start training them in an environment where your presence is not always available. Otherwise, they could start crying and refuse to go inside school, limiting their ability to learn.


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